Lootable Zombie Corpse A21

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This mod adds back the ability to loot zombie corpse once you kill them.

7 days to die lootable zombie corpse a21 additional screenshot

This is my first mod attempt and will probably need to re-balance the loot table for the zombies but as it is its setup as you would think to get from the zombie types, example of this is say nurses will give medical drops, Lumberjacks will give wood and a small chance of a axe, Soldiers will have ammo and a small chance of a pistol and so on.

This mod doesnt remove the random loot bags that zombies drop so there is a chance for “double looting” on a kill and also gives that bit of extra loot during horde nights.


Credits: Stazza85

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6 thoughts on “Lootable Zombie Corpse A21

  1. It works excellently on single-player but sadly not on cloud-hosted servers. Do you think you can fix that?

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