Better Vanilla A21.0.1.1

7 days to die better vanilla, 7 days to die overhaul mods


About Better Vanilla A21.0.1.1


After skilling “The Daring Adventurer” the quest “Citizens of White River II” can now be completed as there are now 2 choices.

What Is the Difference Between the Vanilla and the Better Vanilla?

  • The Better Vanilla is supported in German and English
  • 5 custom maps (4k, 6k and 10k) with Red’s POIs
  • 3 maps by DirkillerGaming (Germany, Great Britain and New York)
  • No wild animals in free range. Still available in POIs.
  • More setting options
  • Changed starting EQ in the starting quests
  • Extended starting quests to get the WLan cable for the fax
  • Max level 3000
  • Rarely rain, storm and fog
  • Hunger and thirst indicator
  • 90 slot inventory
  • 30k item stack (+ blocks/frames)
  • 3 slots in the forge
  • Increased zombie spawn
  • Zombie HP Bar
  • Zombies have new names
  • No screaming zombies from heat and volume
  • Added A19 farming (seeds stay in the ground)
  • Completely revised hunger, thirst, food system
  • Empty glasses can be restored and you can use them to draw water
  • Pots in cabinets loot bar
  • Measuring cup in campfire reduces cooking time
  • Stove with a gas bottle that allows you to cook twice as fast
  • Acid and measuring cup craftable
  • Autominer
  • Charcoal stove
  • There is a fax machine where you can get quests by fax (45 fax quests)
  • Level 6 weapons/tools/clothes craftable
  • Tools, melee weapons, and ammo are barred with the BetterVanillaItem level
  • Added additional melee weapon (Katana).
  • Blessed Metal & Divine Blade mod added
  • Trader quest rewards have been reduced
  • Wasteland added heavy zombies as spawn
  • In Wasteland you get radiation damage
  • Radiation suit craftable
  • Wandering hordes have been increased
  • Hordes will run until daybreak
  • Added twitch interaction hordes of 5
  • … and many, many little things!

Have fun at Better Vanilla!
Best regards,

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 1

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 2

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 3

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 4


Informationen zur Better Vanilla A21.0.1.1


Nach ausskillen “Der Wagemutige Abenteurer” kann nun die Questen “Bürger von White River II” abgeschlossen werden, da es jetzt 2 Auswahlmöglichkeiten gibt.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der Vanilla und der Better Vanilla?

  • Die Better Vanilla wird auf Deutsch und englisch unterstützt
  • 5 eigene Karten (4k, 6k und 10k) mit Reds POIs
  • 3 Karten von DirkillerGaming (Germany, Great Britain und New York)
  • Keine wilden Tiere in freier Laufbahn. In POI´s noch vorhanden.
  • Weitere Einstellungs-Möglichkeiten
  • Verändertes Start-EQ in den Startquesten
  • Erweiterte Startquesten, um das WLan-Kabel für das Fax zu erhalten
  • Max Level 3000
  • Selten Regen, Sturm und Nebel
  • Hunger und Durst Anzeige
  • 90 Slot Inventar
  • 30k Itemstack (+ Blöcke/Frames)
  • 3 Slots in der Schmiede
  • Erhöhter Zombie spawn
  • Zombie HP Anzeige
  • Zombies haben neue Namen
  • Keiner Schreier-Zombies durch Hitze und Lautstärke
  • A19 Farming hinzugefügt (Saatgut bleibt im Boden)
  • Komplett überarbeitet Hunger, Durst, Essen-System
  • Leere Gläser wieder herstellbar und man kann damit Wasser schöpfen
  • Töpfe in Schränken loot bar
  • Messbecher im Lagerfeuer verringert die Kochzeit
  • Herd mit Gasflasche womit man doppelt so schnell kochen kann
  • Säure und Messbecher herstellbar
  • Autominer
  • Holzkohle-Ofen
  • Es gibt ein Faxgerät, wo du Questen per Fax kommen (45 Fax Questen)
  • Stufe 6er-Waffen/Werkzeug/Kleidung herstellbar
  • Werkzeuge, Nahkampfwaffen und Munition sind mit dem BetterVanillaItem Level bar
  • Zusätzliche Nahkampfwaffe (Katana) eingebaut
  • Gesegnetes Metall & göttliche Klinge Mod eingefügt
  • Belohnung von Trader-Questen wurden herabgesetzt
  • Wasteland wurden schwere Zombies als Spawn eingefügt
  • Im Wasteland erhält man Strahlungsschaden
  • Strahlenschutzanzug herstellbar
  • Wanderhorden wurden vergrößert
  • Horden werden bis zum Tagesanbruch laufen
  • Twitch-Interaktion wurden 5er-Horden hinzugefügt
  • … und viele viele Kleinigkeiten!

Habt Spaß in der Better Vanilla!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


If you appreciate Saxe82’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Saxe82

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78 thoughts on “Better Vanilla A21.0.1.1

  1. Hi, when clicking on the supportlink to join your discord channel I get the following message: Invite Invalid. This invite may be expired , or you might not have permission to join.

  2. If I place the fax machine but want to move it later, when I break it does it show up in your inventory like the workstation? Or do I at least get the wifi cable back to build a new one? Thanks!

  3. For the FAX Quest to kill 8 Demolishers, is it intended that they are not counted if you blow them up by shooting their button?

  4. Mod is not working anymore… starting new game is not working anymore with the the lvl2 stuff… cant craft any lvl 2 weapons, no improves zombie hordes, no Fax Quests…

  5. Also since Update A21.1 b16 from 10th August the number of zombies during Red Nights is very limited (a few ones and first after midnight?). Also no more wandering hordes.

  6. What is the line of code regarding the death xp penalty? is it located in buff config? I deleted the rtadiation buildup but i accidentally removed the buff for death xp loss and now that i die i cant get it to reset.

  7. Since Update A21.1 b16 from 10th August multiplayer is not playable anymore.
    I can join my friend, but after a few minutes (varies from 1 to 10 minutes) I get a disconnect.
    Can you research this? We don´t use another mod.

  8. I love this mod, but unfortunately, there is a major drawback:
    Use of this mod, means that I’m unable to craft anything whether by the Crafting Menu or the Workbenches.

    Please fix this issue, or let me know how I can fix it myself.

    Thank you.

    1. EDIT: This mod works with all my other mods, except a mod called “TacticalAction Modern Weapon Overhaul by IvanDX”

      If this could be fixed or incorporated into the mod, it would be appreciated.
      Thank you again.

  9. I don’t understand how is I’m suposed to get the ‘Better Vanilla Item’ to upgrade the items and so some better mods.

    1. You need to craft the fax machine to get the quests, the quests from the fax machine you reward you with better vanilla item

  10. Can’t upload an image on here but when I hit ESC, your “logo” covers a lot of information. Is there a way to shrink that?

  11. Wanna destroy your Vanilla experience? This mod for you. Not only it removes zombies amount on bloodmoons but also makes their hp go like 3x so if you didnt found a quality6 pipe AR and around 6000 ammo before first blood moon – have fun dying knowing they will hunt you down in endless amount. No matter what you use, Headshot multiplier damage mod, Relics mod, Harvest X5 and so on. They still gonna hunt you down. Unless you got 10 forges and steel fortress before the Day 7. I made my XP amount be 10x more and made XP gain 25% to make Harvest X5 exp gain more balanced and fair but still. Even being poor level 3 dude – you still gonna suck. And I didnt mentioned a 70 zombies that will come to destroy your videocard in random hordes at your first day making you unable to pass night at your house unless you ok to suffer from 15 fps.

  12. God damn this overhaul slaps.

    Thank you very much for updating to A21 so quickly! This is working perfects on my hosted server, no major bugs or errors.

    For those complaining about difficulty, it is a bit hard but nothing compared to some of the “hardcore mods” like ravenhearst. The wandering hordes and extra city zombies really make the game feel postapocolyptic, where as true vanilla often feels like running from danger zone to danger zone with nothing in between and no punishment for going AFK in the middle of a populated downtown area.

    The fax quests are also amazing. I wont spoil but insane difficukly quests should NOT be opened in your base hahaha

  13. The issue I’m running into is not being able to find any antibiotics. I’ve raided 7 Pills stores/clinics and found zero. I’ve found many other things; beakers, first aid kits, etc. I try to play where if I get infected and die of infection the run is ‘over’ as I become a zombie. A sort of semi-hard mode. Feeling pretty impossible here with L5 looting too.

  14. The A21 update is the hard mode. There are way too many zombies with way too much health to be normally playable. Can you upload the normal/easy version of the mod with more typical health and spawns? Thank you!

  15. Is there any way to disable particular parts of the mod? I love most of it but I’m not a big fan of the food change. Could there be modules that can be enabled and disabled?

  16. I am having a problem with the mod Install, It does not tell you where to extract the files to, As I understand it has to be extracted before moving into Mods folder. This step is missing when I google or you tube this they seem leave this part out.

  17. I am experiencing a bug to where I cannot search anything. I am able to pick stones up and such, however, when it comes to nests, trash, cars, cabinets, etc I cannot search them. So far everything else seems to work.

  18. Ich finde die Mod super gut aber ich finde den großen Rucksack nicht gut.
    Könnte ich das manuell irgendwo setzen ? Ich konnte bis jetzt keine Stelle in den Configs finden, wo ich das ändern hätte können ?

  19. we have installed this mod and everything is great. However, on day 7 we have discovered a bug. The zombies are not moving. Has anyone else this issues and if so, how was it fixed?

  20. Hello!

    This is something really cool.

    Ive been trying to find the POI list so it can be used KingGen, but haven’t been able to find it on the mod folder.

    Could you provide some pointers on how to find it?


  21. I read that zombies were harder in this mod but I didn’t think much of it. I play Nomad-Warrior on the base game. So I turned my normal base game settings on, nomad with walk on the day and jog on at night, and on day 2 I had that to default with all walk-all the time. The difficulty settings are noticeable; the default solo on this mod is equal to warrior on jog-run on base game. I like the overhaul to cooking. I have not tried farming yet. I like the few additions to crafting. I do enjoy that it adds to the elements of the game I think are lacking in the base without doing a total overhaul to the base game.

  22. Not a big fan of the 160 item slots. Seems very unrealistic. Is there a way to remove it and if not I suggest that there be one lone mod for increasing inventory slots instead of forcing it with really good mods 🙂 (or make it a seperate download)

  23. Hi, where do we find the gas bottles for the stoves? Can’t seem to make them. Playing the easy version.

  24. Hey Saxe,

    danke für Deine Antwort. Ich habe alles neu gemacht. Alles komplett runter geschmissen. Es sei denn der Savegame Ordner befindet sich woanders 🙁

    Hm, wenn ich dem Link folge dann komme ich auf Discord. Aber wie finde ich Dich dort? Brauche da irgendeine ID.

  25. Moin Saxe,

    erstmal danke für Deinen Mega Mod Pack. Macht richtig Spaß. Habe nur ein Problem mit dem Einloggen, auch stürzt das Spiel recht schnell ab mit der Fehlermeldung. “EXC NullReference Exception: object reference not set to an instance of an object” oder einfach nur “Null Reference Exception”

    Habe schon alles versucht, Deinstallation, Rechner platt gemacht, etc. nix hilft. Woran kann das liegen?

    LG Alex

    1. Hallo Alex, das klingt als wenn du ein Savegame über Vanilla gestartet hast, und das dann über die Better Vanilla weiter spielen willst. Da Essen im Start-Inventar vorhanden ist, welches es in der Better Vanilla nicht mehr gibt, kommt dann der Fehler.. das ist aber nur eine Möglichkeit des Problemes.
      Oben unter den Downloads findest du: If you need help, you can use this support link.
      Klicken auf support link – dann kommst du aufs Discord. Dann helfe ich sehr gern!

    1. I have taken your question to heart and have now included the answer in the description.
      Normal version: Zombies’ HP values are increased
      Easy version: HP values of the zombies are the same as in the vanilla

      1. Hi Saxe. Ich spiel das Spiel noch nicht so lange und die Zombies sind mir aktuell noch zu schwer. Wie kann ich zwischen Normal und Einfach wählen? Ich find keine Option. Danke

  26. if i were to want to change the health’s back to there original how would i do so? because personally. on nomad difficulty i rely cant deal with the first day. or do you have a file that i could remove to get them back to there original state

    1. The easy version is then what you are looking for. Since the zombies have the HP values ​​of vanilla.

  27. I keep getting errors about the XUI and backpack every time I click on a machete OR steel hammer or such. I can use it or drop, that’s all, anything else causes an endless flood of errors I can only end by exiting the window then left clicking and clicking close window.

    1. You probably have an additional modlet on it that causes the error in combination with the Better Vanilla

  28. Hello, any chance the mod will get the 20.4 update soon? I can`t run my server without it.

    Thx in advance.

    1. hey, HaRdCoR3.
      If there is no update of the Better Vanilla, the current version works even if the FunPimps have updated

  29. I play both the “easy” and “normal” versions of the mod. I play the “easy” version by myself and find it challenging but not too challenging, which makes it fun for me. The “normal” version I play with a friend.

    I like the extra inventory space, the Alpha 19 farming system, being able to craft acid and beakers, and the blessed mods that I’ve seen when playing the Darkness Falls mod with a friend. I really have nothing to complain about with this mod. Thank you so much for creating it, I enjoy playing by myself and it’s not so challenging that I’m discouraged by it.

  30. Hello, but is it possible that the new names for the zombies in the English language do not work and in German they do?

    1. Zombie names work in both German and English. I watch a lot of streamers from USA. Everything is as it should be there

  31. Beautiful mod but for my use this inventory is too large… How can I bring back the inventory space vanilla? I modified “CarryCapacity” and “BagSize”, but I can only edit inventory and I can’t decrease fatigue slots

  32. Hi wie kann man denn das 160 (oder so) Slot riesige Inventar deaktivieren? Durch das dadurch resultierende niemals Überlastet sein wird die Immersion zerstört und Taschenmods sind obsolet.
    Ich benutze zudem SMX.

    1. Hey Vaultbomb89, könntest du recht einfach machen.. Ich habe in allen XML dateien die Einträge beschrieben, welcher Eintragung zu was gehört. Schaue einfach alle XML durch und überall wo “160er Rucksack” findest, diese Eintragungen löchen. Darfst nur keine vergessen, sonst gibt es fehler.

  33. Hey Saxe, Is there a way to revert the mod back to loot bags instead of lootable zombies? for horde nights, its less appealing as we simply destroy the bodies with the amount of firepower being put out.

    1. Hello Kestra, you would have to change that in the mod. But I won’t do this. In my eyes, the Horde is not there to line their pockets, but to survive them. But you have more loot from the zombies outside the horde 😉

  34. Hab jetzt alle Ordner auf dem Server ausgetauscht, aber es ist immer noch die Originalversion, nix Better Vanilla. Muss ich die Ordner auch auf dem PC austauschen, im Steam Ordner?

    1. Hallo Alex.. ja Client- und Serverseitig wird die Mod benötigt. Und alle Ordner ausgetauscht? Einfach nur einen Mods-Ordner erstellen und da (entpackt) die Better Vanilla rein. Selbes in deinem Client und dann viel spaß 🙂

      1. Hmmm….Was meinst Du denn bitte mit ” Alle Dateien Ausgetauscht ” ? Wenn ich nur den Mod Ordner (mit Inhalt) auf meinen Server kopiere,läuft dieser anschliessend mit log Fehler voll.Weil er viele xpath – und Prefab Fehler ausgibt. Laden möchte er eure BetterVanilla10kFlat Map. Wieso sind in dem Mod Ordner diverse Ordner drin,die gar keine ” ModInfo.xml ” beinhalten? Das kann ja so nicht funktionieren. Oder muss ich die Original Ordner im Stammverzeichnis auf dem Server löschen und durch die aus dem Mod Ordner ersetzen odwer nur überschreiben? zb. Config und Prefab? PS.: Singleplayer funktioniert komischer weise.
        Grüsse DiKo

  35. Hi! I love your mod a lot for the Better Vanilla changes! I was wondering though, for a new server that already has BV installed, is there anyway to get the regular Vanilla food items to appear alongside the BV items? I tried editing them back into the items.xml file in the Saves folder, but it doesn’t work.

  36. love the mod so far, a very nice challenge and about to do my first horde night (120m days).

    I have the mod downloaded to a server through pingperfect and none of the custom mod icons display in the crafting menu/inventory/toolbelt

    any help would be appreciated, i already downloaded the mod on the client side as well but to no avail.

  37. Hi Saxe82,

    got the same issue as Brishgrimm.
    I can´t upload your Mod to my Server cause he did not accept Filename with umlauts.
    Can you fix this please ?

    1. Hello, I also uploaded the Better Vanilla to a server. You are right, the png files with umlauts are not uploaded. Nevertheless, the images are displayed in the game (on the server), since the images will probably be replaced by the client. So the Better Vanilla can be played on the server without any problems.
      I tested this with a GPortal server and uploaded files with FileZilla.
      You are welcome to test it!
      Server name: Better Vanilla Testserver (no password)
      IP: Port: 26940
      Runtime: limited

  38. Not for me..zombie have TOO MUTCH Hp..that insane..i have to shot them with rocket to kill them one shot..and even that lmao

  39. Hello TheDocCroc,
    yes there is .. in folder (BetterVanilla \ Config) entityclasses.xml line 2532 the entry
    “” until “” delete and save.
    And delete the nav_objects.xml completely.
    best regards Saxe82

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