Better Vanilla

7 days to die better vanilla, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Update A20.1.2 for the Better Vanilla. The known bugs have been fixed and much new has been added.

What Distinguishes the Better Vanilla?

Everything in (brackets) before the entry has been edited, expanded or is completely new in this version!

  • Better Vanilla Interface
  • Mod is supported in English and German
  • 128 horde, 6h days and number of zombies and animal adjustable
  • Max Level 3000
  • Start-EQ is available in the initial quests
  • 160 Slot Inventory
  • 30k Itemstack
  • Customized zombies = HP values increased! So weapon skill is necessary
  • (extended) Arrows, grenades and ammunition have been adapted
  • (processed) increased zombie spawn
  • Zombies Harvestable
  • Zombie HP display
  • (new) Zombies have new names
  • Lootbags stay longer
  • No screaming and aggressive animals in the wild, excluded in wandering hordes and the hordes of night
  • Demolisher weakened and only come in the hordes of night
  • Hunger and thirst display
  • (extended) completely revised Hunger, Thirst, Eating System
  • More eggs in nests
  • Nests and garbage destroy themselves after Loot
  • Pots in cupboards lootable
  • (manufactured) Autominer
  • Charcoal furnace
  • (new) Gas stove that boils twice as fast as the campfire with gas cylinder
  • 3 slots in the forge
  • Acid and measuring cup can be produced
  • Edit tools/weapons (endurance, DMG, speed)
  • Level 6 weapons/tools/clothing can be produced
  • Bags mods have been adapted to the inventory size
  • (extended) Blessed Metal lootable and now also manufacturable
  • A katana has been inserted – this is the most powerful melee weapon

…and many little things.

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 1

7 days to die better vanilla additional screenshot 2

All reported bugs have been fixed:

  • The Katana is now available at level 6
  • The description in the Perk Chef is now correct
  • The Blessed Metal is now available
  • The zombie navigation has been removed (available as a single mod in my discord)
  • The reduced Zombie Hand Reaches have been removed (available in my single mod discord)

If you have any questions or want to report a bug, just join my discord.
Have fun in the Better Vanilla!
Best Regards, Saxe82


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Saxe82

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13 thoughts on “Better Vanilla

  1. Hello TheDocCroc,
    yes there is .. in folder (BetterVanilla \ Config) entityclasses.xml line 2532 the entry
    “” until “” delete and save.
    And delete the nav_objects.xml completely.
    best regards Saxe82

  2. Not for me..zombie have TOO MUTCH Hp..that insane..i have to shot them with rocket to kill them one shot..and even that lmao

  3. Hi Saxe82,

    got the same issue as Brishgrimm.
    I can´t upload your Mod to my Server cause he did not accept Filename with umlauts.
    Can you fix this please ?

    1. Hello, I also uploaded the Better Vanilla to a server. You are right, the png files with umlauts are not uploaded. Nevertheless, the images are displayed in the game (on the server), since the images will probably be replaced by the client. So the Better Vanilla can be played on the server without any problems.
      I tested this with a GPortal server and uploaded files with FileZilla.
      You are welcome to test it!
      Server name: Better Vanilla Testserver (no password)
      IP: Port: 26940
      Runtime: limited

  4. love the mod so far, a very nice challenge and about to do my first horde night (120m days).

    I have the mod downloaded to a server through pingperfect and none of the custom mod icons display in the crafting menu/inventory/toolbelt

    any help would be appreciated, i already downloaded the mod on the client side as well but to no avail.

  5. Hi! I love your mod a lot for the Better Vanilla changes! I was wondering though, for a new server that already has BV installed, is there anyway to get the regular Vanilla food items to appear alongside the BV items? I tried editing them back into the items.xml file in the Saves folder, but it doesn’t work.

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