7 days to die a20fahudhc, 7 days to die weapons

Makes the entire crosshair invisible. Ported to A20.

Since A20 DMT is out of date, the code had to be rewritten a bit. The newly revised “SDX” technology now works even better than before.

It’s already compiled to prevent others from stealing and claiming the code.

Installation is straightforward, as you’d expect from a modlet, just put it in the Mods folder.

Important note, EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) needs to be disabled in order to function well with the mod especially the mod contains dll files, which are blocked by EAC.


If you appreciate FallenAngel’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: FallenAngel, SphereII

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14 thoughts on “A20FaHudHC

    1. Yeah You need to make sure before you load the mod, that you disabled Easy Anit Cheat.

      With EAC enabled this won’t work!

      Hopefully this clears things out of the way.


    1. Who said you get a healthbar with this mod?
      You Don’t get that.

      It just removes the crosshair, when using properly EAC NEED to be OFF!

    1. Did You extracted the file right?
      Also are you Using A20? For A19 it won’t work.

      Please, Join the discord server if the problem persists.

      I would need to see your log to see what’s going on.
      Fact is it was tested on multiple devices from different people and it was working.
      If you are using also other mods, there might be the chance of a conflict.

      Have a nice day.

      1. Yes im on A20 and i extracted the file right: Mods/A20-FaHudHC, xml in there.

        Hm.. maybe its a mod conflict, using Tactical Action (Tristam Edition), A19 Farming for A20 & Humvve (I know Bdubyah didnt updated it, but i did it for myself, so its comp. with A20.)

          1. I tested it now without any other mods, i still see the crosshair.

            Maybe im missing a file?
            Are this files correct or is there missing something?, cause i have now no clue what makes it to not work for me. :/

          2. Well i tested again, files correct , works for me. Its again Black Magic, lol.

            When you start the Game, Press “F1” & and look for this.

            – Trying to load from folder A20-FaHudHC
            – Found Mod API in FaHudHC
            – Loaded Mod FaHudHC

            If its not appearing you made something wrong, if it does show up, usually it should work then. If not I have At the moment so clue what it can be.

          3. I had only:
            – Trying to load from folder A20-FaHudHC
            – Loaded Mod FaHudHC

            “– Found Mod API in FaHudHC” wasnt there, but i saw there a message in yellow;”Mod contains a custom code,EAC needs to be disabled to load it.”

            So, the problem maker was the EAC, just had to disable it.
            You should mention it in the Mod Desc.

            Mod is working and is awesome.^^
            Thank you for your fast replys. 🙂

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