Age of Oblivion (Farm Life Revisited)

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This is my rebuild of the Farm Life Expanded mod. This is an Alpha release and is still limited in features. It is meant as a preliminary test to receive feedback and find any issues.

While most of the assets and recipes come from the Farm Life Expanded mod this is a brand new mod and not simply a fix for the old one.


Everything within this mod starts at the Farm Table, Craft the Farm Table and you will have access to everything. There are many Crafting tables, they are:

  • Farm Table
  • Cloning Station
  • Butcher Table
  • Brew Station
  • Cold Smoker
  • Dairy Churn
  • Gas Oven
  • KitchNaid
  • Rustic Smoker
  • Webber Grill
  • Wood Grill
  • Webber and Wood Grill are identical except for appearance as well the Rustic and Cold Smokers are identical.

There are limited food recipes available right now but enough to make a difference.

Many Crops do not have any use. (But they will)

Animal Breeding/crafting has been completely overhauled! In order to craft another living thing you first need a Cloning Table. You then need a Cloning Chamber. To craft a cloning chamber you will require Cryogenic Material and DNA, Both of which can be found in the world. DNA can be extracted from Raw Meat using the Cloning Table. there are 3 types of Cryogenic Material and two types of DNA.

What Can You Clone?

Thanks to Arramus and Oak Raven for allowing me to integrate Oak’s pets and Guards! As a result we can clone:

  • Turret Guards
  • Animal Guards
  • Pet animals
  • A Chicken that lays Eggs
  • A Cow that makes milk
  • A Cow to harvest Beef and Leather
  • A Pig to harvest Pork

There will be many more to come!

Cloning stations come in Normal and Advanced Versions! Normal one are only good for one use, Advanced ones can be reused! Be careful Cloning is a finnicky process and does not work 100% of the time. In fact it only works from 20-50% of the time. Failure results in Rotten Flesh

In this Alpha the time to clone has been reduced greatly in order to make testing easier. The time will be increased in the next version.

There are still Items without Descriptions and there is no Quest system right now. There is still a lot to be added to get to 1st Full release.

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 1

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 2

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 3

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 4

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 5

7 days to die age of oblivion (farm life revisited) additional screenshot 6

I am officially separating things into two different releases! Going forward Subsequent releases will be known as Age of Oblivion as the Mod has been moving away from just Farming components. As a result I am now releasing a “Release” version of Farm Life Revisited Lite. This version is just the farming components, Crops, Food, Animals (Cloning). This release will still get bug fixes and will get any Farm related content that gets added to Age of Oblivion.


Alpha 1.8 Released!

  • Includes bug fixes for some of the Friendly animals
  • Reduced greatly the number of Bats that spawn!
  • Made the spawning of Friendly’s be specific to Biome. ie Peguin in Snowy area’s and Elephant in Desert
  • Added a Bunch more Friendly Animals! Turtle, Sheep, Zebra, Pug, Beagle, Goose, Leopard, Comodo Dragon
  • Balanced the number of Oblivion Crates that appear and the loot they contain. Added More Beakers and Steroids for Cloning!

Fine Tuned Batcar01 – Drives better and faster! More vehicle tune ups are coming!

Alpha 1.75 Released!

  • Bug fixes!
  • Cloning now takes longer
  • Crops no longer grow almost instantly!
  • Now includes the fantastc Mod White River Tools of Citizenship!
  • Now includes Expanded Firearms!
  • More Friendly animal will be found in the World
  • Oblivion Loot Crates can now be found in the world
  • Now grants 2 skill points per level! (If not wanted simply delete the 2 Skill Points Directory)

Alpha 1.71 Released!

Fixes issue with Clone Chambers not being unlocked and Advanced Forge Display

Alpha 1.7 Released!

  • More Bug Fixes
  • More Food Recipes! (Finally!)
  • Deep Fryer – for many of these new recipes!
  • New Oven Model
  • New Chain Link Fence and a Brick/Metal Fence!
  • New Oblivion Work Bench – All workbenches are crafted from this Bench… even Vanilla ones.

Alpha 1.6 Released!

  • Mainly Small Bug Fixes to 1.5
  • Improved handling most vehicles
  • Added Community Creature Packs
  • 90 Slot Backpack.
  • Traders will now sell Raw meat
  • Fixes and Changes to Questline (Still a work in Progress)

Alpha 1.5 is Available! Big Update!

Note: Lots of Changes… You will 1000% have to start a new game and I would recommend playtesting for awhile before starting a serious game with it

Restructured Folder and file Structure. Standardized Naming. (Search AOO to find items)


  • Advanced Forge
  • Resurrection Table
  • Alchemy Table
  • Many Vehicles
  • Lots of Decor! Windows, Doors and Furniture
  • Working Windmill

and other smaller tweaks.

Alpha 1.3 Released!

  • Oak’s pets now completely integrated (No separate Directory)
  • Many tiny code fixes that probably were not noticeable to most.
  • Garden Hoe recipe added.
  • All New Cloning Chambers!
  • New Pets! Elephant, Penguin, Camel, Cat!
  • New Guard! Pumpkin Man! Burns you enemies alive!

Alpha 1.21 Released!

Fixed issue with recipes not being unlocked.

Alpha 1.2 is available!

Fixed Garden Hoe to properly prepare ground to be able plant.

Alpha 1.1 is out!

  • Fixed up the Skill Tree (Not Completed)
  • Started a new Quest system (Not Completed)
  • Added Farm Crop Plots
  • Added another Gas Oven, pizza oven and more Grills.
  • All you do is craft “Ovens” “Grills” or Smokers and you from their each model is a Variant option.
  • Added a few Descriptions that were missing. (still many missing)
  • Removed Press “E” to pick up a Crop. when harvested this way the crop does not get replanted.
  • Removed a block for an apple tree that is no longer used. (only mattered if you were using creative mode and found that particular tree.)

Future Plans

  • A robust quest progression
  • Decor! There will be a lot of Decorative Blocks eventually added. Emphasis of the mod is to build a beautiful and Functional Farm!
  • A lot More Recipes
  • Many More Animals, more types of meat!
  • Vehicles


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Pipermac, OakRaven, Arramus, Phredd, Stasis78, Mayic

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7 thoughts on “Age of Oblivion (Farm Life Revisited)

  1. Wow ! This looks promising. I love that you could get rid of those ugly fences and the babychick ^^
    Thank you very much, Pipermac, looking forward for more.

  2. ¡Hello there! Very nice mod. We’re playing it right now.

    Just 1 question.

    We have the tomato seed recipe, but there is no button to craft it.
    ¿Do you know why?

  3. How do you breed animals? And do my friends need to download the mod to be able to join my server?
    Thank you.

  4. I love this mod but how do i get resurrection potion i have the skill and stuff i need but what crafting table do i use

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