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7 days to die farm life expanded, 7 days to die farming

First off Phredd would like to say thank you to Stasis78, Mayic and hernanxx. Without their prior work and permission, this wouldn’t have been put together.

Next, thank you to all the modders on the forums. The information/examples they have provided is greatly appreciated and helped him get this playable in A18.4.

Extra special thanks to Linda, babygrl, Chris, Gator, Tru, Bluntz, David, Mistress Metal and Nomad for the initial help with everything to do with the farming mods and testing over the past few months.

What Phredd is posting here is a proof-of-concept version of farming based on/using prior work with a few new items, that he’s calling, Farm Life Expanded.

It combines Stasis’s FarmLifeMod2, Mayics Farming Mod and hernanxx’s Unnecessary but Beautiful mods into one. This started out months ago as just a farming mod for their server. When asked if Phredd could add recipes for UbB, he decided to just join that into the mod after getting permission to use the mod.

Phredd know Demmers is working on a version of this as well, and this is in no way any kind of attempt to take anything away from what he is doing. Phredd has started on this before he knew about Demmers’ project. Information on Farm Life v3 can be found here.

Also, Phredd is not claiming to be a modder, and he has been hesitant on posting about this knowing a good portion is others work.

With that said, here are some details.


Farm animals are part of the original mods. While Phredd won’t be fixing many of the issues with the previous models, he has corrected offset for placement. He has added new models and recipes. None have animations, and are working placeholders for the time being.

New animals currently include:

  • Beehive (honey)
  • Horse (bone, leather, glue*)
  • Pheasant (eggs, feathers, meat)
  • Sheep (wool, meat)
  • Turkey (eggs, feathers, meat)

Animal Workstations

Animal workstations are a continuation of Mayics concept, with new animals added. Again, none have animations and are placeholders for the time being. They are also the source of a “breeding” system. Phredd didn’t really know how to do this, so he added “cryo” containers to be found in loot that can then be used with the Animal workstation to create that type of animal.

New animal workstations currently include:

  • Beehive
  • Elk
  • Horse
  • Pheasant
  • Sheep
  • Turkey


With the combination of the two farming mods, there were some duplicate plants. Some have been changed to other plant types, while others have been discarded and not used. The “crop” plants have been recoded to use TFP’s growing method, with 56 plants available. All have at least 1 useful recipe.


Most of the recipes for UbB require certain types of wood. (example: Dark furniture requires Walnut, Clear requires Maple, White requires White Oak) making trees more important.


As mentioned, with the combination of the two farm mods, there were duplicates of some workstations. All have been re-evaluated and recipes changed accordingly. Phredd didn’t completely delete the unused models from the mod, and they are still able to be crafted, but with no recipe requirements tied to them.


This is one of the areas Phredd hasn’t done much with yet, regarding the originals. There are currently 1517 recipes and 292 quests in the mod. He hasn’t gone through everything, but all quests are available in the Farm Table. He also have to go through all of the Food recipes and catagorize them. There is a “starter” quest item that will give basic quests to get started with Farm Life if you decide to use it. A few of the new food items are just placeholders and don’t have buffs/stats yet.

Phredd has tried to address as many of the original issues as possible eg. offsets of models, missing recipes, workstations(required items, model footprint) etc. There are still known issues with any of the workstations that have multiple rows of required tool slots.

As for hernanxx’s Unnecessary but Beautiful. The copy Phredd started with had no recipes at all. All of the recipes are generic and can be changed in xml if needed. Also included, working sinks and ovens for those model types.

Again, thanks to all that have put the effort into making these mods originally.

One last thing to mention, Phredd consider anything he has added to this as “open source”, so if anyone wants to modify/use… by all means, go for it.

Have fun and enjoy.

Download A19 (Updated 10 Aug 2020) (Very limited testing since the update earlier today to (b169). Vanilla backpack and restructured Perk for Farm Life to be more compatible with other mods.)
Download A19 (Stand-Alone version, doesn’t play well with other mods. Includes 96 slot backpack.)
Download A18 (Phredd was asked about links to A18 versions. This is the last backup that he kept. He also included a version without the backpack. He won’t be updating these at all. If there are conflicts, he won’t be looking at them. He is being upfront about it.)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Phredd, Stasis78, Mayic, hernanxx

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22 thoughts on “Farm Life Expanded

  1. This fashion is very beautiful and interesting.
    Unfortunately, some recipes don’t seem to work and I’ve read that others have the same problem.
    It needs to be fixed, otherwise the mod isn’t fun. What good are the loots if you can’t use them properly?
    It would be a shame if it couldn’t be fixed…

  2. ok love the mod, just hate how a lot of the recipes u cant make, like the spatula in the forge cant make it in alpha 19, some of the workbenches are broken as they don’t show anything and some u have to go to a different tab to see the recipes because all tab in the workbench is broke. plus i kinda wish the food had textures

  3. I can’t get the mod to work. I’ve tried repeatedly to install it and go into creative menu to check but none of the mod stuff is showing up.

  4. Hello I play on the ExcitusXtremeV4 mod on alpha 19 and your Farm Life Expanded mod does not work because there is a skill that there is more could you modify this so that I can play with your mod

  5. the feeding holstein pen 1 keeps trowing errors “needs deco shape assigned but has not” and “should be a parent but is not!” how do i fix this, no other pens show this error

  6. erstmal toller mod spiele auch in der 18 ner version

    in der neuen finde ich den Trecker ganz toll leider hat er ein Problem in der Console erscheint
    ein roter text:
    Index out of Range Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

    es wär ja auch toll wenn man damit fahren und einen Anhänger als lager hätte

  7. Hey guys…really great mod.
    Good job.

    One question, how do you “create”/”build” the animal pens. I have all the ingredients/items, but nowhere do I see the build option…
    Please help.

    1. Also cannot find the way to make the animal pens. I have all the ingredients, but am unable to craft on any farmlife work table. Also unable to craft the ‘Getting Started’ guide for farming dummies? Anyone have any guides?

      1. bit late to the table, but no your not the only one with this issue. the guy behind it, has gone, apparently lost all the files or something…

        there is another guy taking it over and redoing it. you can find more on the 7days to die facebook page.

        this version of the mod is completely borked in that respect.

  8. I have been playing on this for some time and what gets frustrating is there are a lot of broken recipes. In addition the Cast and Die is not showing up in any loot containers. So that gets frustrating as I gather all those ingredients only to find and can make it because I am missing the tool that requires the Cast and Die.

    On top of this you have provided very little documentation or instructions how to do things. I do the quests but they actually don’t lead to making anything. Anyone can gather ingredients. So tons of time spent only to find nothing but dead ends. You have a lot of work to do and this should not have been released for testing.

    Perhaps you should have started with simple ingredients and expanded as you go. But you seem to have mixed two mods and made a huge mess. Its a lot of work to only lead to nowhere. You should have used only one of the mods and improved it from there.

    My two cents

    1. Алексей Я добавил ссылку для A18.

      I used google translate for that. I hope it says: Alexei I have added a link for A18.

      Also, I did not post this here, so I can’t update the info. My forums thread is where I keep the most current information for this modlet.

      1. Спасибо вам большое, и имя Алексей вы перевели правильно )

    1. I played Farm life on A18 and it was super fun but… now on A19… is there any way to disable its larger backpack? I am not playing with this kind of cheating… 🙁

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