Trader Quest Addendum

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Watch the Launch Trailer for an overview, or the linked videos for each new quest type below.

This mod aims to provide some additional variety to the quests available with the following new quests:

Defend the Safehouse (Defend POI)

There’s a horde inbound to one of the trader safehouses – get there and hold them off!

Aid the Afflicted (Clear + Meds)

Some survivors are in need of medical supplies – craft / buy / loot the supplies they need, then clear out a poi and drop the supplies in the cache for them.

Expedited Eradication (Speed Clear)

There’s a courier inbound with supplies to drop off, so the trader needs a POI cleared asap – bonus rewards the faster you go!

Contraband Collection (Supply Drop [Night Only])

There’s an … unofficial … suppply drop inbound coming in overnight, get there and bring it back to the trader – be careful though, it’s volatile!

and a couple of variations on the above as well:

Feed the Famished (Clear + Food)

Some survivors are starving – help them out with some food!

Accelerated Annihilation (Infested Speed Clear)

There’s a courier inbound with supplies to drop off, so the trader needs an INFESTED POI cleared asap – bonus rewards the faster you go!


Unzip and add to Mods folder.

Each quest is in it’s own folder, so if there’s a quest in there you don’t like, you can delete the folder containing that quest, all quests are self-contained, so it will not cause issues with the other quests.

CautiousPancake doesn’t THINK you need to start a new game, you can potentially just add these in and existing games will show them, however please see the warnings below.

Should work with EAC turned on!


This is his first ever mod, so he won’t be surprised if there’s issues that come from his inexperience. Things work well for him on singleplayer games, but:

  • Multiplayer is untested, although should work server side if he understand things correctly
  • Quests have not been tested with other mods or overhauls
  • Please don’t use this on a playthrough that is irreplaceable!


If you like what he does, please come support him on YouTube by subscribing and watching his content (as long as it’s enjoyable – if not, please leave him a comment so he can improve!).

Known Issues

Aid the Afflicted (And Feed the Famished)

  • After completing the objective of depositing medical items (or food) in the courier satchel, the next trader destination is unmarked – you’ll need to remember where the trader is!
  • After completing the quest, viewing previously completed quest in quest menu will spam index out of range errors. Click on a different quest to stop the errors – likely related to the quest objectives not showing as complete.

Contraband Collection

Quitting the game (in singleplayer) during the contraband collection quest while the crate exists can cause an infinite number of console errors when re-loading the game. A work around exists: quitting and reloading the game again will resolve the issue.

Expedited Eradication

Failing the quest by leaving the POI does not remove the buffs

Terms of Use

  • As CautiousPancake has learned from all the awesome modders that have previously figured things out and release their mods, please feel free to review how he has done things so you can make new types of quests!
  • Please do not redistribute these quests without permission
  • (optional) If you’re making any content for YouTube or twitch where you’re playing with the mods on, please let him know so he can watch!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: CautiousPancake

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3 thoughts on “Trader Quest Addendum

  1. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this mod, it’s really made questing fun again. I especially enjoy the speed clear quests! Thank you for your hard work.

  2. The rewards for the aid the survivor quests seem pretty underwhelming expecialy early on where just fetching or clearing is faster and give better chance of loot you want, and additionaly any somewhat experienced player will be able to clear 2+ normal quests in the time it takes to get all the meds in early game

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