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7 days to die devs auto miner a21, 7 days to die mining

Welcome all, I did an update on Snufkins Auto Miner with his permission ages ago, Now I was informed that the mod wasn’t working again due to Alpha 21 I looked into it and had to rebuild the whole thing so because its been Built from the ground up this mod has nothing to do with snufkins and is purely my own.

What Does the Mod Do?

This mod adds a Auto Miner to the game When learning your Harvesting Magazines.

  • lvl 50 unlocks the Miner And a Tier 1 Drill bit
  • lvl 75 unlocks the Tier 2 Drill bit
  • lvl 100 unlocks the Tier 3 Drill bit

When building the Miner you will only unlock certain Resources Depending on the Tier of Drill Bit you have, and it will also knock down some time while it mines.

The Miner also uses Gas as its fuel.


If you appreciate DEVGNAG’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: DEVGNAG

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6 thoughts on “Devs Auto Miner A21

  1. Hello, good day.,

    I installed the mod on my server and in principle everything works. I was able to make the drilling bits with the workbench, put them in the miner and actually made brass. Unfortunately there is a problem, I do not see icons for the drillng bits. The icon is created, but the text “Drilling Bit Tier 1” for example, is only visible when you hover over it, otherwise it remains invisible, i.e. empty. What could be the reason for this? Does the mod also have to be installed on the client side?

    Many greetings – Hoogan

  2. when i look up the miner in the build menu it doesnt tell me unlock level it just shows –.
    should it say a lvl of book?

  3. I highly recommend this mod!
    An update has been released, the file at the link has already been updated v.1.3
    -fixed bugs with crafting drills and several recipes
    -changed the method of obtaining the resource, you will receive a sealed package of 1000 units
    -added sand as a mined resource
    -when opening a resource packet, there is a chance to get silver, gold or diamond
    -small interface fixes

    -also the author added my localization for Russian-speaking players =)

  4. Seems you have a problem in the resources needed to make the bits. You show IRON while it shows the icon of the Forged Steel (bar) Furthermore does it need plain Iron or the bar?

    Using the CM console to warp in the bits is bad play testing. Maybe next time actually try to use the workbench to craft them?

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