The Vault Prefab

7 days to die the vault prefab, 7 days to die prefab

Huge underground vault located in the empty wasteland city in Navezgane. Its a long journey and danger lurks in the dark! (Go at night with no flashlight for the full experience!).

I tried to make this a difficult one, so come prepared!

There is a deadly climb to escape!

A shovel and splints are recommended!

The Navezgane world folder just includes the prefab.xml to save space! Make a copy of your Navezgane world and replace the prefab.xml!

More install info in the readme!

I wish you luck survivor!


Credits: Kelsey

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4 thoughts on “The Vault Prefab

  1. You can add this to custom maps by using Kingen Software and/or edditing the XML file to change the Zoning for this prefab.

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