Curse of Anubis

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This mod is not EAC-safe, and EAC must be turned off. It does not change Vanilla Stuff or Core Gameplay but adds alot of stuff to the game.

The mod has two big prefabs “The Pyramid” and “The Sphinx”. Custom Blocks/Items/Entity/Quests/Weapons can be found inside this prefab.

You can’t find it somewhere else in the world. You can change loot lists and have your own custom stuff spawn in the prefab if you like. It’s all up to you and your imagination!

The Prefabs Includes: Sleeper/Mesh/Loot/TraderQuests

  • Pyramid: Level 4 Quest
  • Custom Entity – Pharaoh
  • Sphinx: Level 5 Quest
  • Custom Entity – Anubis

Edited RwGmixer.xml… The Prefab should spawn in RandomGenerationWorlds without need to edit the xml. Spawngroups are Desert/Rural and Wilderness.

The Sphinx is built like a Dungeon. To get to the best loot places you have to fight through the Sphinx’s Underground. The Underground consists of several chambers which are connected to each other. In some cases, traps of past times can be found. They can be lethal! Be careful and don’t rush into it.

New Blocks

  • 142 Custom Blocks to make Old/Ancient Prefabs look good.
  • Many new Coffin models
  • Some Old-Chest model
  • Pillar’s
  • Painting’s
  • GoldCoin (pickable)
  • GoldBar (pickable)

New Items

  • 8 new weapons
  • 2 Upgradable Weapons with Mods (unique Mods)
  • Many new Mods for all the new enemy (Armor/Head)
  • Schematics for all Mods/Weapons

New Entity

  • Anubis (Fire Buff)
  • Pharao (Electric Buff)
  • Queen of Death (Cold Buff)
  • Skeleton
  • Mummy
  • Chibi Mummy
  • Spider(Black/Brown)

New Sleeper

  • Unique Sleeper Spawns for my Prefab.
  • Entity only spawn in the Prefab or through the Quest (not in the world)

New Buffs

  • New Buffs for all Entity Bosses (Anubis/Pharao/Queen)
  • New Buffs for all Entity Minions (Mummy/Chibi/Skeleton)
  • Unique Buffs for Weapons to counter Entity Buffs
  • Mods to counter Entity Buffs

New Quests

  • A Questchain for The Sphinx Prefab. (can be found in world loot)

Terms of Use

The use of DMT has allowed Andyjoki to add various models. (Blocks / Items / Entity ) As such, a Terms of Use is now required so he can properly detail what may and may not be used by other people in their projects. Personal use is fine, but they may not be redistributed. As such, here are the lists of what not be used by other modders without his ok.

free assets – not owned by Andyjoki

  • Mummy
  • Skeleton
  • Spider (Black/Brown)

All other Assets are his!
He modeled/textured them. If you like his Stuff you can check out his Cgtrader Profile and browse all of his Mod Stuff there.


In order to work, you need:
DMT Tool, 0-SphereIICore Script and SphereII NPC Dialog Windows

Modlet format

With the above downloaded DMT-Tool and 0-SpherellCore Scripts and SphereII NPC Dialog Windows you need to start and patch the game files.
Open DMT, choose your 7DTD directory.

Select 0-SphereIICore in DMT. Hit “Build”. It should patch the game files and quote that it was succesful.

Now go to your 7DTD directory and Drag the “CurseOfAnubis” folder to the – 7DTD/Mods – Directory. You also need to place the Prefab Files manual in the 7DTD/Data/Prefabs Folder.

Start the game via 7dtdLauncher and turn EAC off. Create a new RWG world and the Prefabs should automaticaly spawn in rural and wilderness group in the Desert and Wasteland. If you want to change the spawns edit the prefab xml files. ( thesphinx.xml and thepyramid.xml )

7DTD has a problem with big prefabs spawning automatically. It can be that none prefab spawns in the world. Then try a new seed or look for tuturials on how to spawn the prefab in an existing world as i dont know this part.

As example: you can generate a world seed and edit the rwgmixel.xml in %appdata% – look for you generated world and choose a prefab to swap with theSphinx or ThePyramid Prefab. Then start a new World with your edited GameSeed. The Prefabs should be at the location you put them.

Install on Overhaul Mods

Overhaul Mods are already patched with the 0-SphereIICore Script. You just need to Drag the “CurseOfAnubis” Files to 7DTD/Mods . Make sure to drag the Prefab files to 7DTD/Data/prefabs Location.

Start a new Game. EAC turned OFF.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Andyjoki
Additional Credits: Xyth, Mumpfy, Pille, SphereII, Guppycur, Subquake, KhaineGB, Darkstardragon, TopMinder, Three08, 4SheetznGeegles, Lichti, The whole Modding Community at Guppy’s Discord and everyone he forgot to list here!

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