Server Side Slot Machines

7 days to die server side slot machines

Available for now only in creative menu. 20 different designs to spice up a lobby or market. Snufkin used pictures from “Zombie Tramp”, he will add more girls in the future. The win rates are calculated as follow:

<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$casinoyield" operation="setvalue" value="randomint(-5,200)"/>
<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$casinoyield" operation="multiply" value="0.01"/>
<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="$casinoyield" operation="setvalue" value="0">
<requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="$casinoyield" operation="LT" value="0"/>
<passive_effect name="CraftingOutputCount" operation="perc_set" value="@$casinoyield" tags="casinoslot"/>
<passive_effect name="CraftingOutputCount" operation="base_add" value="1" tags="casino10"/>
<passive_effect name="CraftingOutputCount" operation="base_add" value="10" tags="casino100"/>
<passive_effect name="CraftingOutputCount" operation="base_add" value="100" tags="casino1000"/>
<passive_effect name="CraftingOutputCount" operation="base_add" value="1000" tags="casino10000"/>

7 days to die server side slot machines screenshots 1

The machines are simple to use, pick your bet and press spin. PLEASE don’t SHIFT+CLICK the bet buttons, it will take ages to give you the prize. This is by design. Don’t forget to collect your prize.

7 days to die server side slot machines screenshots 2

Snufkin tested in several resolutions, but he has little idea how the UI system works, so apologies in advance if the machines break something.


  • Updated the rates and maybe now it’s more UI friendly. (new)
  • Updated the code again, now it should be more balanced.
  • Added 7 designs to a total of 20.
  • Cleaned up the interface a little.
  • Added 4 more girls. 13 in total.
  • Added 4 more designs and now the machines have sound.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Snufkin

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7 thoughts on “Server Side Slot Machines

  1. Its not fully compatible with big backpack mods…
    Im using 96slot, and this machines are unusable with it :((( because i dont see part of the slot machine, exact the button Start …

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