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The White River settlements are looking for new citizens to contribute and are willing to give extra tools and equipment that they’ve collected. They are offering to provide to a select few survivors access to higher quality tools, weapons, armor, and equipment in exchange for volunteering to complete various tasks for the settlement. There is a limited supply and these items are only available to those who gain citizenry with White River settlements. In addition to the reward, the player is sometimes also offered a small stack of wet concrete blocks, from the last of the Trader’s community inventory to assist in re-establishing a homestead.

This modlet collection extends the new player White River citizenship quest line to provide a handful of quests to obtain improved tools, weapons, and armor. Each item has a small back-story and explanation in an attempt to blend with the vanilla game and Trader. This gives new players a chance to obtain better equipment through a method other than randomness or traditional progression. The rewards this Modlet pack provides were carefully considered against Vanilla gameplay. In most cases, the named items only provide a small improvement over the items they were created from. Due to the multi-tier design of this modlet collection, it provides equipment for beginners all the way up through the elite.

This modlet pack is XML XPath ONLY and only needs to be installed on the server or player hosting the game! Other players do not need to install this modlet pack locally.

The modlet collection provides multi-tier quest lines, first requiring the player to craft a +Declaration of Citizenship. This allows them to begin a quest to volunteer to help lay to rest 10 old residents now turned zombie. This earns the player a +White River Citizenship Card which they can then use to select which quest they would like to pursue. The player’s citizenship card is returned to them after they complete the settlement’s quest. If it is lost for any reason, the player can craft a new +Declaration of Citizenship to start the process over of becoming a White River citizen. The +White River Citizenship Card can also be used to pursue two higher-level citizenship cards through killing of 100 Zombies or 1000 Zombies, respectively. These higher tiers of citizenship allows for the pursuit of Veteran and Elite level equipment.

Citizenship is offered in three-tiers:

  • Tier 1: Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizenship Card
  • Tier 2: Kill 100 Zombies. This is the Veteran level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Veteran Citizenship Card
  • Tier 3: Kill 1000 Zombies. This is the Elite level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Elite Citizenship Card

Once the player obtains their citizenship card, they can use this to craft quest-starter items for the equipment quests below. Some of the quests below offer a veteran version which rewards a sealed crate containing better quality, more items, and greater quantity of each multi-quantity item. Some offer an even higher level set of rewards for elite citizens. However, after a “Veteran” or “Elite” quest is complete, only a basic citizenship card is returned. The player must successfully complete the Tier 2 or 3 citizenship quest again in order to pursue another Veteran/Elite equipment quest.

Equipment Quests


Spirit of Vengeance – Take on a demon Juggernaut and obtain a super-fast vehicle. A player using this vehicle is a sure-sign of their elite status. Big thanks to Snufkin’s Server-Side Zombies & Snufkins’s Server-Side Vehicles for a big part of the base code for the vehicle and zombie. Tested for compatibility with Snufkin’s mods, so you can run both at the same time if you want!


  • Black Bart’s Flaming Dig Tools – Uncover the long-buried stash from the most famous stagecoach robber in the western U.S., providing a steel Pickaxe & Shovel with flaming mods and better stats than Vanilla. Stamina trait sure to keep you digging and digging and digging.
  • Bunyan’s FireAxe – Help the Trader stock up on potable water in exchange for a Paul Bunyan-branded FireAxe.
  • Dundee’s Hunting Knife – Help the Trader collect bone shivs in exchange for Dundee’s famous Hunting Knife with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Jason’s Machete – Obtain a replica of Jason’s famous machete in exchange for helping the settlement. Big thanks to Wyldwitchykat for this addition!
  • Rick Danger’s Auger – Obtain two higher tier Augers, the latter of which will turn even the largest mountain to butter, but will expend a LOT of gasoline and degrade your Auger quick.
  • Taza’s Axe – The famed Taza’s Axe, already awesome.


  • Bambi’s Killer Compound Bow – Earn the famed deer killer, “Bambi’s Killer Compound Bow” or “Forest Prince Compound Bow” with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Bear Grylls’s Claws -“Why fight bare fisted when you can fight bear fisted.” Thanks, SteamM0nkey for this idea.
  • Callinicus’s Greek Fire – Find the book randomly in the world and learn to craft greek fire arrows. Shoot one zombie with a greek fire arrow, and the fire spreads to other entities that it touches.
  • Daryl’s Crossbow – Obtain a replica copy of the same crossbow Daryl from the Walking Dead used: The Zombiekiller Crossbow.
  • Deschain’s Revolver – Collect the eight Dark Tower series books and craft nineteen doors to have one of Roland Deschain’s legendary revolvers bestowed upon you. Has custom bullets that are expensive to craft, but super powerful.
  • Leon’s Modded SMG – Help Leon finish his DIY gun project, resulting in a 9mm SMG weapon with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Pavlichenko’s Rifle – Locate and assemble a branded Marksman rifle from the famed marksman, Pavlichenko.


Kuva’s Red Armor – Discover the secret ingredient in Kuva’s Legendary Red Armor. This armor is rumored to be lightweight and stealthy, with resistances to heat & cold, and an extra mod slot per piece. The basic quest is EASY, but the Veteran quest is HARD.


  • Brass For Lead – Help the community restock its Lead supply and in exchange receive some brass.
  • Everdeen’s Arrows & Bolts – The settlement is trying to put together a feast. Help feed everyone in exchange for named arrows or bolts guaranteed to fly true.
  • Gupta’s Bandages – Can’t craft first aid bandages? Trade Aloe Leaves & Cotton for a few highly-sought-after Gupta’s First Aid Bandages & a First Aid Kit.
  • QwikCrete – Learn the secret to making quick-drying concrete blocks!
  • Elite Random – Obtain a sealed crate from four veteran cards that gives you a single random elite quest starter. Obtain a veteran card back at the start of your elite quest. If you complete the Elite quest, you obtain an Elite citizen’s card!
  • Remington’s Steel Ammo – A spin off of Khaine’s Steel Ammo mod that turns his mod into a questable achievement. Strong bullets that degrade your weapons faster.

Coming Soon

  • Amelia’s Gyrocopter – ShoudenKalferas is still formulating the questline behind this one… but the general gist will be to quest and ultimately take on a custom zombie in order to learn how to create a super-charged gyrocopter with custom components. Travels faster than the vanilla gyrocopter, with improved flying characteristics that allow it to fly more like a helicopter than a plane. Supports VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)!
  • Dwarven Bellows – Faster Smelting
  • Steel Spikes – Double the durability of Iron Spikes
  • Basilone’s M60
  • Brienne’s Heavy Armor

Nearly all quests are designed to be repeatable in case of loss of equipment or to try your luck at a higher quality reward. Black Bart’s dig tools are unique and the quest is designed NOT to be repeatable!


  • Wyldwitchyka: For the addition of the Jason’s machete quest modlet
  • Morggin: For the name and lore behind Black Bart, for the Bambi Terminator Crossbow, and for the idea of an Elite level set of quests
  • RichardPaul: For the poem used in the Black Bart quest line.
  • Aeyvi-Daro: For quest text and testing assistance on all quests.
  • mr.devolver: Big thanks for the help fixing the GoTo Trader, improving the quest integration with the trader, and helping seek out a path to add the quests to the Trader dialog!


  • A19.2_1.0b (This version is a drop-in replacement/upgrade for WhiteRiverToC_A19.2_1.0)
    • Fixed burning shaft mod animation on Jasons’s Machete & Bunyan’s FireAxe
    • Adjusted the quest text for Bear Grylls Claws
    • Adjusted Bear Grylls quest to give schematic that lets the player craft the claws themselves.
    • Added missed backwards compatibility code to Deschain’s Revolver for the renamed ammo & hat
  • A19.2_1.0a
    • Added new quest: Bear Grylls’s (Flaming) Claws
    • Adjusted (slightly lowered) drop chance for books related to Deschain’s quest. Also fixed some localization typos.
    • (Massively) Adjusted all weapon statistics in Bambi’s, Daryl’s, and Leon’s quests. Added code to apply the perk modifications. Big thanks to SteamM0nkey for helping ShoudenKalferas work through these.
    • Added burning shaft mod capability to Bunyan’s and Jason’s quest items. (UNTESTED)
    • Adjusted Remington Steel ammo damage quantities to be greater than vanilla AP ammo. Thanks to SteamM0nkey for helping point out this was needed.
    • Adjusted Rick Danger Auger stats to be more modest and in-line with a small bump/improvement over vanilla.
    • Fixed Elite Random Quest wording. Thanks to SteamM0nkey for pointing out this flaw in design.
    • Adjusted the Juggernaut in Spirit of Vengeance as ShoudenKalferas received report that he was taken down in under a minute. Added resistance, and added a small horde of zombies to spawn with him. Also increased overall HP and regen values. This should be a tough battle now.
  • A19.2_1.0
    • All of the items, blocks, quests, etc, have been renamed to work with Localization support. ShoudenKalferas did do the best he could do run through the entire pack of quests to test each one.

Important! The A19.2 release of this modpack must only be installed onto a game that has not had this mod pack installed before. If you’ve never installed this mod collection before, you shouldn’t have any issues. Otherwise, this release requires a fresh/new game! This is due to the massive switch to using Localization support, which now opens the door to allow the mods to be translated to other languages. If you are interested in translating to another language, please send him a private message.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ShoudenKalferas

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