No Digging Zombies (A Harmony Mod)

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No Digging Zombies: A Mod for Miners & Bunker Builders

This mod prevents zombie AI from deliberately digging through terrain.

Note: This does not prevent zombies from digging through any other block! They will still try to rip down the building you’re in.

It covers both zombies trying to dig downwards to a heat source, as well as attacking a wall of terrain to dig through it.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download ‘NoZombieDigging-{…}.zip’
  2. Extract NoZombieDigging-{…}.zip
  3. Take the inner ‘NoZombieDigging’ folder and put it in your 7 Days To Die/Mods folder.
  4. [Client Only] Disable EAC to allow the client to load the C# mod. This isn’t necessary for dedicated servers.

To confirm the mod loaded, hit F1 on the title screen and look for the following logs near the top:

[NoZombieDigging] Patches applied: 2
[NoZombieDigging] - DigStart
[NoZombieDigging] - CanExecute



The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: tigercat2000

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4 thoughts on “No Digging Zombies (A Harmony Mod)

  1. So I’ve loaded this into A21 and it still loads up just fine. However on my first horde night, the zombies digged through my tower made of dirt. I don’t know how to figure out if this works if they still seem to be digging.

    1. the mod stops them from digging straight down into a underground base, anything sideways wil still be atacked.

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