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ErrorNull Zombies (enZombies): This mod has been updated for Alpha 20 and adds much more zombie variations to the game, using the UMA archetype method most notably showcased by the Snukfin’s Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS mod maintained by arramus. All the UMA Zombies by khzmusik are also included in enZombies. The goal of this mod is to always be server-side, thus only needs to be installed on the server, and not on the individual clients. These zombies are meant to be your average walkers and crawlers to complement the existing vanilla ones… though stronger and boss-level zombies are slowly being added. Each enZombie also has their own feral and radiated variant.

enZombies spawn out in the terrain based on the biome, with each zombie group sporting a unique color theme that matches the biome. So you will find foresty zombies in the forest, deserty zombies in the desert, snowy zombies in the snow, and so forth. enZombies also spawn in many other scenarios, like in wandering hordes, screamer hordes, sleepers in POIs, and during the bloodmoon horde night. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to spawn zombies in these other scenarios while also based on specific biomes, so a more random range of enZombies will be seen there.

7 days to die enzombies - more zombie variations additional screenshot 1

7 days to die enzombies - more zombie variations additional screenshot 2

The short challenge quests are an underutilized feature in the vanilla game, and enZombies appear within them as well. New challenge quests have also been added to showcase the new zombies. All new quests are simply found as items within the usual loot containers where vanilla quests are found. Many more quests are planned.

  • Goblin Raid
  • Forest Goblin Raid
  • Desert Goblin Raid
  • Snow Goblin Raid
  • Red Goblin Raid
  • Wasteland Goblin Raid
  • Business Meeting Gone Wrong


enZombies and the add-ons (see Add-ons section) are designed for Alpha 20. Using other mods with enZombie might work and might not. Even if an unsupported mod does work without errors, it will be missing the custom biome spawn behavior that enZombies use. If there is enough demand for a specific unsupported mod, ErrorNull can create a patch mod for for it (see Patches section) so that it works with enZombies and recognizes the custom biome spawn groups. If you are getting errors or strange glitches while using unsupported mods with enZombies, feel free to report the errors and what other mods you are using, and he will be glad to take a glance when he get the chance.

7 days to die enzombies - more zombie variations additional screenshot 3

7 days to die enzombies - more zombie variations additional screenshot 4

7 days to die enzombies - more zombie variations additional screenshot 5


You may use his mod as it is presented, or just pull his zombie definitions from archetypes.xml and entityclasses.xml and merge them into your own mod. Don’t forget to grab corresponding code from items.xml and buff.xml. If you are just pulling the zombie XML code, he’d appreciate if you credit him somewhere like on your website, discord or forum post. The more exposure enZombies can have, the more players use it, and the more motivation for him to continue development. He love making these custom zombies and hope to continue on for a long while, but it does take lots of time and effort.

Download and Install

This mod is not intended to be used with any other mods, except for the Add-Ons and for any mods that he has made Patches for. Refer to Add-Ons and Patches section further below.


These are optional mods created for enZombies. The main enZombies mod must be installed in order for these Add-Ons to work.

enZombie Harvest Add-on

This mod adds the ability to harvest all enZombies for resources (eg. cloth, rotten flesh, bones) when they are defeated. Zombies that carry bags or backpacks can also be looted before harvesting their corpses. To counter-balance the added abundance of resources from zombie harvesting, this mod also slightly increases the resource requirements of any recipes that rely on them.

enZombie Settings Add-On

A collection of small mods that allow adjusting certain zombie settings: No Nudes, Attack Range, Wilderness Spawn Amount, and Wandering Horde Spawn Amount. Download the add-on package and take the specific folder that matches the setting you wish to adjust and place it into your 7 Days to Die “Mods” folder.


Install these ‘patch’ mods to make enZombies compatible with the “target” mod. Download the package. Take the specific folder that matches the target mod you want and place it into your 7 Days to Die Mods folder. Don’t forget, you need to have the main enZombies mod installed as well as the main target mod you are using with enZombies. These mods do two things: It makes the target mod aware of the new custom spawning groups that enZombies uses. And, it allows the player to enable zombie body harvesting for the zombies that are part of the target mod.

Snufkin’s Server Side Zombies PLUS Patch

This patch mod allows Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies to be compatible with enZombies. The main mod is maintained by Arramus and contains a great collection of unique UMA archetype zombies, as well as custom zombies based on the vanilla models. These zombies are boss-level and perfect for the later gamestages.

Robeloto’s Custom Zombie’s Patch

This patch mod allows Robeloto’s Custom Zombies to be compatible with enZombies. The main mod is by Robeloto and contains a ton of excellent custom zombies which use creative texture swaps and weapon prefab attachments onto the base vanilla zombies. The zombies range from easy to very tough and from very small to super large. There’s something for everyone.

Zulk Zombie Patch

This patch mod allows the Zulk Zombie mod to be compatible with enZombies. The Zulk zombie was created by BeBeLiouS and is a nice looking green giant with normal, feral, and radiated varieties, and works well with any game playthrough.

Known Issues

There are some interesting bugs when working with UMA zombies and molding them from the archetypes.xml. It’s not unique to enZombies and are present in any mod that uses UMA style zombies – for example, the Snufkin mod also contain some UMA zombies which will experience these bugs. In his opinion, the relative ease in creating and modifying these zombies outweigh the quirks:

  • UMA zombies fly amazing distances when struck with a powerful attack. Their physics seem to be more ‘floaty’ compared to the vanilla zombies. This also results in the occasional zombie getting stuck into nearby walls and bars when explosions and powerful attacks send them rag-dolling overhead. To some this is a bug, to others this is a feature.
  • UMA zombies do not collide with player vehicles whether driven or parked. So the zombies will simply walk right through them. This behavior does not occur with the abandoned POI vehicles that litter the landscape… UMA zombies interact with them like normal.
  • UMA zombies don’t get shocked when walking into electric fence traps… not really, at least. It seems that if they are knocked down while on the fence, they will occasionally get shocked! Stun batons behave normally and shock the zombies just fine.
  • UMA zombies appear to cause a ‘micro-freeze’ or stutter in the game each time a set number of them are spawned. This was not the case (or it was very insignificant) in Alpha 19. The number of zombies that trigger this stutter seem to range from 5 to 8. Thus, while exploring POIs and encountering sleeper zombies, or fighting through horde night, there will be a short stutter when every 5th to 8th UMA zombie is spawned in. The severity of the micro-freeze might depend on your system specs, but it’s not completely certain at this point.
  • There is a NullReferenceException error that can occur when sleepers are spawning inside POIs. Majority of the incidents are occurring during trader quest, and can sometimes even result in a sleeper zombie being spawned invisible – which can be a vanilla zombie and possibly UMA zombie. Unfortunately, this zombie cannot be killed and if part of a Clear quest will cause the quest to fail. This issue is still being investigated. Troubleshooting is challenging as this NRE error appears intermittent and not tied to a specific POI or specific UMA zombie. However, it only occurs when UMA zombies are spawning as sleepers. If you encounter this NRE error – please take a screenshot (or send him the log) and let him know which POI and if the error was repeatable later at the same POI. This will help with the research.

Wish List to The Fun Pimps

Here he list enhancements to the 7 Days modding experience that he would love for the developers to add which will allow him to add more immersion to enZombies and the game as a whole.

  • Remove the gamestage maximum that’s part of the wandering horde. Currently it only goes up to gamestage 50 and then wraps around back to 1. This limits him from adding stronger zombies to the wandering horde in order to maintain sensible difficulty balance. If gamestage must wrap around, then increase max limit to something like 1500, 2000, etc.
  • Add gamestage progression for all wilderness biome zombie groups. Currently, these wilderness zombies do not scale at all with gamestage, and so this prevents him from adding increasingly challenging zombies to spawn in wilderness for each biome.
  • Add separate zombie hordes specific to each biome. This will allow hordes like wandering, screamer, POI sleepers, and bloodmoon to spawn zombies specific for each biome.
  • Add more specialized zombie entitygroups for POIs. Vanilla game already has groups like ZombieGhostTownGroup, HospitalGroup, ZombieNightClubGroup, ZombieFarmGroup, etc. Would love to see more entitygroups for POIs like schools, stores and shops, police stations, residential homes, etc. Of course he can see how this will be low priority for the devs given their small pool of vanilla zombies to fill up these POI roles. At this time, it is the zombie modders who would benefit, and of course the players.


Thanks to Snufkin for starting it all with his Snukfin’s Server Side Z(S)ombies mod, and thanks to Arramus for keeping it going with the Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies – PLUS mod. ErrorNull studied these mods for weeks to figure out how it worked and gave him inspiration to contribute as well. Also thanks to Khzmusik who gave ErrorNull permission to add his UMA Zombies into enZombies. Much appreciated!

Mentioned Mods


Version 2.6

  • Created XML builder program to automatically generate sliding prob values for entitygroups
  • Used xml builder to redo the following spawn groups to have custom prob values but maintain vanilla gamestage labels and progression: badassHorde, badassOnlyHord, scoutHorde, sleeperHorde, and feralHorde.
  • Fixed bug that made male bellies look all pregnant
  • Made all enZombies a bit taller and have bigger feet to better match vanilla zombie proportions
  • Updated code that used outdated UMA mesh plant_fiber_shirt
  • Updated code that used outdated UMA texture fiberCloth_chest
  • Increased the wilderness random zombie spawn amount for all biomes
  • Made female joggers move faster
  • Made vanilla lumberjack taller
  • Removed knockdown ability from all zombies except for giants
  • Reduced knockdown prob of giants from 50% to 25%
  • Added knockdown prob of 50% to vanilla bear and zombie bear
  • Updated KHz zombies to have HP/XP consistent with enZombies
  • Ensured female KHZ zombies have dancetype 2 (males have dancetype 1)
  • Renamed enUtility1, enUtility2, enUtility3 to enUtilityMale1, enUtilityMale2, enUtilityMale3
  • Added enUtilityMale4, enUtilityMale5, enUtilityFemale1, enUtilityFemale2
  • Added enFootballMale3 and enFootballMale4
  • Added 2 male and 2 female school zombies
  • Lots of code cleanup

Download enZombies
Download enZombie Harvest Add-on
Download enZombie Settings Add-on
Download Patches

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ErrorNull, Snufkin, Arramus, Khzmusik

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19 thoughts on “enZombies – More Zombie Variations

  1. Hello. Thanks for this mod. It’s a great idea, but why not remove the green, yellow, etc … test zombies? We only see them outside. Would it be possible to remove them please?

  2. I am still waiting for the test zombies to be removed, i’m not a experienced modder nor know how the XML works, so yeah..

  3. not sure how my enZombies mod info from the 7daystodie_com forum got onto this website. did someone post my stuff here? you can remove those different color plain looking zombies from spawning by deleting lines 25-60 inside entitygroups.xml. if you need further help, or have other new zombie type requests, post up on my real enZombies mod page. thanks! btw, the images up there are outdated.

  4. unfortunately this mod overlaps over the mod WrathmaniacsMoreZombies_x8, should have simultaneous combination and permission of both mods

  5. so after i read the comment of removing line 25-60 from the xml file, i still get testred, testyellow etc. spawns in my world. any fix for that?

  6. This mod looks amazing, but the new zombie immunity to electric fences is a huge turn off for me unfortunately. i would love to see this fixed

  7. Bro, your mod is really great. If I want to add lets say creaturepack zombies or robelto or snuffkins too, what should I do kindly educate. Thanks for creating such a lovely mod.

  8. This mod breaks in A20 since OldTimer, Football Player, and Farmer got removed.

    zombieStripper was also renamed to zombiePartyGirl, theres also now zombieTomClark.

    I fixed the mod on my own but I can’t wait to see this get updated for a20! It’s a mod I always play with.

  9. Get this wile hordes going.

    Error Could not load file ‘#Entities/Zombies?Zombies/zombie01Ragdoll.prefab’ for entity_class ‘khzCharlotte’

  10. buenas amigos me parece excesivo y fuera de logica un tiburon volador modo dios al igual k ese dron que te dispara lo demas esta bien solo solo bro agregas mods mas acorde con zombies mas apocalipticos solo quitas esos 2 que estas en modo dios ya los otros los e matado gracias

  11. my favorite mod and paired with snufkins or robletos mods this has become quite a challenging game and I love it. thank you for this mod (mods). Only had to restart my computer once from a sleeper spawn in the poi . it works wonderfully for me Thanks ErrorNull, Snufkin and Robleto

  12. Hola, que tal, esperando que todo esté bien, les pido de favor si podrían agregar un parche para que funcione con el mod NPCMod

  13. Unfortunately, this mod cannot be used, because it causes such strong lags in the horde night that it is simply no longer playable.

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