Non Script Radios Video Games Cyberpunk 2077

7 days to die non script radios video games cyberpunk 2077, 7 days to die sound mod

This mod add 3 non scrip radios craftables in workbench. Once placed you can pick up them. Not energy requiered for work. You can’t change volume and skip songs, sadly, because they don’t have a scrip for that. Once placed music start following a loop. The three station selected are Vexelstorm, Body Heat and Pacific Dreams. (Cyberpunk 2077)


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Credits: nobody (peronperon)

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3 thoughts on “Non Script Radios Video Games Cyberpunk 2077

  1. could you possibly make a gta v radio station for this? like radio stations from non-stop pop, radio park music and los santos rap?

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