Starter Crate

7dtd starter crate, 7 days to die starting items

This mod gives the player a crate of random gear to start the game with.


Loot is mostly random but of the following types: 1 armorMiningHelmet 1 Melee weapon 3 tools 4 pieces of armor 2 items of medicine 2 canned food.


Fixed lootcontainerid collision with Twitch integration.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khelldon, Doughphunghus

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2 thoughts on “Starter Crate

  1. Edit the Khelldon-StarterCrate/Config/loot.xml file. The items/groups that are in the starter create are in the lootgroup name=”khelldonStarterCrateContents”

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