Preserved Foods

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Adds craftable canned goods and preserved foods.


  • Added recipes for the vanilla canned foods that are used in advanced recipes
  • Added new canned vegetables, with recipes – unlocked at Master Chef tier 4
  • Added new preserved berries, with recipes – unlocked at Master Chef tier 3
  • Added versions of vanilla recipes that use canned vegetables and preserved berries

Technical Details

This mod uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not require SDX or DMT. It should be compatible with EAC.

However, the mod also includes new non-XML resources (new icons). These resources are not pushed from server to client. For this reason, the mod should be installed on both servers and clients.

Re-Use of New Assets

The icon images are derivative works of The Fun Pimps original images. Khzmusik does not claim any rights over these images.

You may only re-use the images under the same terms and conditions that you would use the original images from The Fun Pimps.

Possible Improvements

Better localization – He need help with this!


  • (new) Decrease perk level requirements for preserved and canned goods crafting.
  • Preserved snowberries cure dysentery (for consistency with Snowberry Love)


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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