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This is a third effort and builds on the last mod of adding the Demolisher to the Wasteland. Building this mod was an eye opener because it shows the resources and volume of coding required to bring in a feature that is not/no longer integrated into the game. Initially Arramus attempted it from the vanilla xml files but it seems the Behemoth no longer exists beyond some leftover code. However, astute modders found a way which he could benefit from.

First things first – Full 100% credit to Xyth and Sphereii and community contributors of ‘A19/A18 CreaturePacks – A community entity project‘.

Arramus simply made this standalone Behemoth zombie mod for players who just want a limited expansion to the existing game. On top of that, it also acts as a tiny snippet of what the CreaturePacks bundle has to offer. This is just a single item from one of the five creature packs.

This mod allows players to experience the Behemoth zombie in the Wasteland in the daytime and nighttime. As always. the wasteland is relatively peaceful in the daytime but can become quite rough at night.

The Behemoth takes a Wasteland visit up a notch or three. The Behemoth is added to the top of the lists for the requisite day and night spawn group for this biome at standard settings. As this mod has external resources it needs to be added to BOTH the server and client Mods folder.

Please don’t run this standalone mod and the CreaturePacks zombie pack at the same time as there will be duplication since they both contain the Behemoth. One or the other for server stability. The beauty of the CreaturePacks zombie pack, or any of the CreaturePacks is that the xml code can be edited to ‘switch off’ creatures being brought into the game World.

xGoober wanted to know if the Behemoth could also appear in other Biomes. A good question and this file shows an example of how that can work. You can replace the original entity group spawning file in the mod with this one and allow the Behemoth to venture into all biomes using generic groups with some more than others as he will have double chance. You can see that the top ones amend the vanilla game groups while the bottom ones for the Wasteland are unique to this mod. As you see in game, night time interactions are typically more frequent than daytime. To spice things up further, why not also add “zombieDemolition” to the groups.

Installation – For players and server hosts who have never installed a mod before

If you’ve never installed a mod before it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory or in an area suggested by your server host if they have modified the installation. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature). If you drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file it can be placed directly into the Mods folder and the game will look in there as you launch your World. If you allow your unzip function to extract the folder, it may make another unnecessary folder and place the mod inside it. This will not be recognised by the game/server if you place it in the Mods folder like this. Please take it out of the extra folder level. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml folder with or without additional folders depending on the mod. This will become elementary once you’ve launched a few mods.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Arramus, Xyth, SphereII

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3 thoughts on “Wasteland Behemoth

  1. Looks not bad…but it is WEAK…i thoug it have at least 20 000 hitpoints…but…1500…lol…blah…spawned 25 and killed like chickens… :))))))

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