11 thoughts on “Allinone

  1. this works on alpha 20 for me no icon but a tool shows up in my hand, thanks skullman this makes life so much easier.

  2. I think you need to update this I think the latest patch has broken the mod as I get an error when the game loads.

      1. It says Unable to open archive file give the file location in the mods folder allinone/resources/grindhouseaxe.unity3d

          1. I still have not been able to get it to work or show up in the game I am getting two different errors. I removed the mod and the two errors went away.
            the first one says ERR XML loader loading and parsing ‘recipes.xml’ failed
            the second one says no item/block/material with name ‘reosurceBuresourceDucttapelletCasing’ exisiting

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