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This GUI gives unparalleled customization to create a wide variety of mods at your fingertips. NO coding or experience with XMLs required! All mod creation is done through a simple, intuitive GUI that allows you to pick your mod, set the configurable options, and generate. Customize every aspect of the mods with adjustable parameters and toggle options on/off to include precisely the modifications you desire. Play the game how you want to and never look back!

You can also configure a dedicated server config file from the GUI. It can load your current settings and allow you to tweak each parameter.

Installation Instructions

Simply extract the download zip file, look for the 7daysdirectory folder and inside, edit the text file to the path you would like your ModGen to write the mods. If you want to write directly to your mods folder, simply replace <YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME> with your computer user name assuming your game uses the default path. Otherwise, change the path to whatever directory you desire. Just remember to copy the files over to your Mods folder!

Similarly, if you want to configure a dedicated server, go to the 7days_server_directory folder, and edit the text file in the same way (copy the desired path in the text file).

Current List of Features

  • Modify Zombie Melee stats (including hit distance, damage to blocks/entities, abrasion/infection strength)
  • Modify number of zombies in cities/wilderness for each biome
  • Modify zombie loot drop probability and despawn time
  • Modify zombie base stats (turn speed, move speed, aggro speed, aggro speed randomization, climb ladders, jump distance, health randomization)
  • Demo (Health, Jump, Explosion damage block/entity, Explosion radius, bonus to terrain blocks)
  • Modify individual zombie stats like the Cop, Biker, Burnt, etc (WIP)
  • Modify wood/iron spikes
  • Modify Blade Traps
  • Modify Generator (fuel and output per engine)
  • Vehicle speed & torque
  • Vehicle fuel tank size and headlight strength
  • Item stack size
  • Player skill points per level
  • Water filters in loot (choose containers and probability)
  • More honey and eggs in loot
  • More daylight length options
  • Larger RWG sizes
  • RWG number of towns/cities and their size
  • Adjust the weather in each biome, choose probability of weather events, temperature, intensity of clouds, rain, fog, snow, storms, bloodmoon horde weather
  • Biome difficulty: can raise/lower biome bonuses to lootstage and gamestage
  • Block Hardness
  • Block Stability Glue
  • Block Hit Points
  • Block Faster Upgrades
  • Dew Collector (water rate, hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Forge (hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Workbench (hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Cement Mixer (hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Chemistry Station (hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Campfire (hitpoints, heatmap)
  • Configure dedicated server

New mods are constantly being added with plans to eventually add new items/zombies/biomes and other things!

7 days to die mod generation gui additional screenshot 1

7 days to die mod generation gui additional screenshot 2


If you appreciate Pseudo Posse’s work and you want to show support, use the Patreon/Paypal link.

Credits: Pseudo Posse

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9 thoughts on “Mod Generation GUI

  1. I have to say as a mod creator myself And With the amount of work that went into this Great job on this mod It allows people that want to Get into Modding Learn How the Xpath system works and how to Add/modify the game XML w/o having to do it manually and completely Crash the game/Corrupt the client And its Server side friendly

  2. First off love the mod, helped test the mods for dedicated servers, but it needs upgradeable battery bank capacities like the generators, Solar would be really nice too. Would be great to see in another update.

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