Oakraven Forest Collection

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The Oakraven Forest Collection offers an experimental ‘pick and mix’ bundle of Quality of Life mods to enhance your 7D2D experience. It is brought to you by oakraven and arramus. These mods will be regularly updated based on feedback, and the number of mods will continue to increase as they move from development stage to experimental release, and then to stable.

They can be added as standalone individual mods, or combined to cover many aspects of game-play. Since these mods contain custom content, they must be installed in your ‘Mods’ folder on both the server and within player game files.

Wickidaurazgaming kindly shared a showcase of some of the mods in action. Some will be updated with additional features and fixes in time but will remain true to the concept shared in this showcase.

Introduction to: Chicken Coops, Bee Hives, Custom Work Stations, Power Things, Sign Cupboards for Writable Storage, Torches and Lights, Cooking Stations, Hydroponic Underground Farming, Water Wells and Standpipe, Drawbridges (Walkways)

Introduction to: Oakraven Forest – Dragon UI, Rock Drill, Fish Farm

Chicken Coops

These custom Chicken Coops allow players to raise chickens for eggs, feathers, and grown chickens to place as ‘pets’ or to ‘harvest’. Chicks can be found in birds’ nests and then placed in the Coops. It requires 2 chicks to activate each Coop.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 1

Bee Hives

These custom Bee Hives allow players to raise bees to produce honey.

Custom Work Stations

Custom Work Stations for 7D2D. These Work Stations provide players with a new forge, chemistry table/station, and a powder mixer to assist with making concrete. They have their own particles and animation effects and will bring variety to a player’s work shop. These Work Stations can be unlocked as with default items of the same type.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 2

Hydroponic Underground Farming

This mod allows players to add hydroponic ‘underground’ farm plots that use artificial lighting to help the plants grow. Comes with a Work Bench and other features for successful hydroponic farming. Underground Farming features are unlocked from ‘Living off the Land – Skill 2’. Custom recipes for the custom vegetables and fruit will continue to be added.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 3

Cooking Stations

This mod adds custom Cooking Stations such as mixers, blenders, a mincing machine, and oven type appliances. Mixers, blenders, and the mincing machine unlock at Master Chef Skill 1. The oven type appliances unlock at Master Chef Skill 2.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 4

Oak Dragon UI

This provides players with a custom User Interface with a Dragon theme. In addition to the overall main layout, a few custom icons will also be noticeable.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 5

Torches and Lights

This mod provides players with a variety of Torches and Lights for hanging and standing. They can be crafted on the Workbench and are fueled by wood.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 6

Power Things

A custom assortment of Solar, Generator, Battery, and Cell solutions for all of your power needs. A prerequisite to manufacturing cells is to find their crystals in the Burnt Forest and Wasteland.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 7

Drawbridges (Walkways)

The Drawbridges Mod allows players to add 4 varieties of Walkway in a 1 x 4 (1 block wide and extends additional 4 blocks from base block), 3 x 4 format (3 blocks wide and extends additional 4 blocks from base block) and comparable 1 x 8/3 x 8 formats.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 8

Water Wells and Standpipe

This mod allows players to craft custom water wells, water standpipes, and sinks on the Workbench. Players can fill up their glass jars and buckets with water from these water sources. The sinks also provide players with very generous storage capacity.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 9

Sign Cupboards for Writable Storage

Gives players additional custom writable storage containers for storing belongings. Choosing a container type is performed through a Variant Helper in the same way we can choose from a selection of construction blocks.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 10

Rock Drill

The Oakraven Rock Drill allows players to extract mining resources from the ground. The resources collected provide a mixture of definite and random resources in variable amounts. The Oakraven Rock Drill is powered with specific Rock Drill Gas that is produced using shale on the chemistry table.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 11

Fish Farm

The Oakraven Fish Farm mod allows players to farm fish through all stages of development. The process for farming is as follows – Create your Fish Farm, place it on the ground, add Fish Growing Kit, and wait as the fish go through an incubation, hatching, growth and breeding stage, and finally collected. Once collected, the fish can be placed on the ground and harvest for fillets (3 kinds of unique fillets). Alternatively, you can craft a Fish Stick and cook a ‘Fish on a Stick’ snack. The Fish Stick can also be used as a melee weapon. Oakraven Fish are cooked on a stand alone Fish Oven.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection additional screenshot 12

Detailed Installation Instructions

For Server Admin/Hosts and Players who have never installed a 7D2D mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions.

  1. If you’ve never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a ‘Mods’ folder in the main directory (typically: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die). If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore.
  2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your ‘7 Days To Die’ main directory folder.
  3. You can now drag the mod or collection of mod folder(s) directly out of the zipped file and it can be placed into the Mods folder.
  • Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES
  • Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES

If players do not install the same mods as the Server/Host, they will not be able to join.


  • (new) Fixed 8 x 1 walkway.
  • The Drawbridges (Walkways) mod has been updated and uploaded for testing. It will take a little more time to look at a powered version. It looks very ambient.

7 days to die oakraven forest collection changelog screenshot

Download Chicken Coops
Download Bee Hives
Download Custom Work Stations
Download Hydroponic Underground Farming
Download Cooking Stations
Download Oak Dragon UI
Download Torches and Lights
Download Power Things
Download Drawbridges (Walkways)
Download Water Wells and Standpipe
Download Sign Cupboards for Writable Storage
Download Rock Drill
Download Fish Farm

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Arramus, Oakraven

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12 thoughts on “Oakraven Forest Collection

  1. I suggested the Pimps ages ago to break down the crafting and do something similar. Did they bother? So, thank you very much for these mods. Please keep it alive until 2050 when Gold released.

    1. As stated in the comment form, if the post has a support link (Forum, GitHub Issues, Discord, etc.), use it to get help.

  2. Can’t craft the new generators or the solar panels, keep getting an error message that says: NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Anyone else having this problem or has a solution?

  3. The hydroponic planters have lights that penetrate through the floor so if you placed them on a platform, everything under the platform gets super brightly lit up too. It’s a pure blinding white light if you put a bunch together.

    It goes through any block. Can this be fixed?


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