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This is the second version of my hardcore “New Game Plus” mod that I made to drive me and my friends insane. What else am I going to do while endlessly applying for web developer jobs that require 3+ years experience for an entry level position? This mod is balanced (in my opinion, not so much my friend’s) and is a more intense and more difficult experience than the vanilla game. Even at higher levels players will struggle because of new limitations placed on them. I tried to shift the vibe away from a crafting game with zombies to a survival horror game with crafting.


  • Zombies everywhere! The burnt region has the least amount of zombies. I’d recommend setting all zombie speeds to jogging or running at most, and decrease block damage to 25-50% to balance the constant zombies everywhere. But I left that up to the server settings.
  • Zombies stay stunned longer (play dead).
  • Wandering Hordes are always large and now only consist of zombies (no animals).
  • Zombies can see you from 100 blocks away now, but have limited peripheral vision. If you run around a lot out in the open you will stir up a lot of zombies! To counter this, stealth has been improved.
  • Wights are faster, more frequent, and have a venomous attack. It doesn’t do any damage, but it disorients you and has a chance you make you fall over if you are sprinting. Once a Wight has marked you, good luck escaping!
  • A giant vulture (Jabberwocky) has been added to drive one of my friends, who can’t stand vultures, completely insane.
  • All zombie types appear everywhere in the world now, including the less common demolition zombie and fat acid cop.
  • Set SmellAlertThreshold to 999 so sleeping zombies are much less likely to detect you.


  • Leveling curve: 4x faster at level 1, equivalent to vanilla by level 15, clamps at level 28. (level cap is still 300)
  • 3 Perk points each level, but higher level perks require more points: Ranks 1-5 cost = (1, 1, 2, 3, 4). This way you level up basic perks quickly while still enjoying some struggle to master them.
  • Damage will halt you for a moment (0.67 seconds) immediately after getting hit. You cannot move or jump, and if you try to sprint you will fall over. So, if you are sprinting while you get shot, shocked, sliced by a barbwire fence, or clothes-lined by a zombie you will hit the ground. When fighting zombies you must fight them off or sprint between hits if you wish to flee! This makes groups of normal zeds incredibly dangerous because they can overwhelm and immobilize you if you turn and run at a bad time.
  • Injuries remain after near-death (except infection).
  • Any damage you take will also reduce your stamina. The amount of stamina depends on your health. Someone badly injured will be easily incapacitated.
  • Realistic player walk and sprint speeds.
  • Injuries are much more frequent at lower health levels.
  • Carry capacity is limited to 9 unencumbered slots at the start. You need to make pocket mods or use a vehicle to move large amounts.
  • Max stack size for most resources is now 1000.
  • No crosshairs for ADS.


  • Nerd pole prevention (an XML only solution! I am so smart, SMRT).
  • Items made with parts require less parts to make and do not increase in cost the higher level you are.
  • Items made with parts require those 1 of those parts for repair. Iron melee, tools, and vehicles still use repair kits.
  • Items with durability will now disintegrate when reaching 0.
  • Find eggs and feathers in shrubs.
  • Find potatoes and mushrooms while digging in soil.
  • Make Murky water with Boiled Water + Clay, make Animal Fat by grilling Meat.
  • Berserker porridge recipe added.
  • Meat recipes require less meat and now offer 2x calories.
  • Any recipe that uses rotting meat (e.g. Sham Stew, Hobo Stew) has Dysentery chance.
  • Hidden vehicle modifiers are now found in automotive loot crates.
  • Vehicles are much weaker.


Mods I borrowed from: Toad_VehicleMods, Riles-SeatingPlus, JaxTeller718_ToolsWeaponsBreak.

Recommended and compatible with 0-CreaturePackZombies, “Zombie Creature Pack Base Modlet”, by XythCommunityProject as of Version


Credits: Jackalope, AnsontheToad, Riles, JaxTeller718

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3 thoughts on “New Game Plus v2

  1. I did some tweaking to my solo game to make it harder too but I went a different route. I made it so if any zombie that hits you it gives you an infection 100% of the time by default. That infection will increase with each hit you take from a zombie and will also increase slowly over time. This makes antibiotics more valuable and as such, I have increased the price the trader will buy/sell them for. Armor makes it less likely to get an infection with the heavy armor being better at doing this but only steel armor can drop the chance down to what it is in vanilla. On the other hand, heavy armors slow you down more and make you less stealthy (raised the debuffs for heavy armor slightly). I also made it so light armor gives you a small buff to speed/stealth. Projectile/explosion attacks always give infection regardless of armor and an increased chance to find cops in cities/towns. Acid/vomit attacks can blur vision till you use water to rinse your eyes out. Living animals do not have an increased chance to cause infection from default but they do have increased senses and speed compared to the zombie variants. Most zombies have slower speeds than the default (the spider, wight, and animal variants excluded). Spiders/wights are faster than default and the animal zombies are kept at default speeds. Gunshots have an increased effect on the heatmap when not silenced from default, headshots have a larger effect on unarmored zombies but body shots are less effective overall. Snakes and spider zombies have a venom that will slow you down when you get bit. Sadly that had all been done on an older version of the game by editing the files directly instead of using a modlet and I had to format my pc since. Was hoping this would save me the trouble of editing it all but not 100% sure I like all of the things included but I can probably just remove those from the modlet manually.

  2. Hello, dear modder, please create a new version for A20, we need a challenge for A20 and no nerd poles. Sick and tired of players nerd poling to the top of Dishong Tower, Crack a book and Higashi Tower taking all the loot. Thank you for your work in A19 we love it.

  3. Esse mods tão dificil, eu odeio um ícone ao lado tinha uma caveira vermelha é uma doença ou algo assim…. tire isso

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