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AdventureQuest adds more quests to the trader and increases the distance of where the trader pics POI’s to quest at.

In vanilla 7 days to die the trader only generates 5 quests and it tries to pick first from a 500 meter range then a 1500 meter range and finally at any distance. This mods simply increase the 5 quests to 50 quests increases the distance check to 1500 and 2000 meters. This essentially makes all POIs a possible quest location to pick from for the trader.


I wanted to get a bigger variety in quests, I got tired of getting the same poi’s over and over in my town. I wanted to raid the Crack a book on the other side of town multiple times.

This mod works very well with big cities.

Run game without EAC!

7 days to die adventurequest additional screenshot 1

7 days to die adventurequest additional screenshot 2

7 days to die adventurequest additional screenshot 3

7 days to die adventurequest additional screenshot 4


I’ve updated the version of the mod to now include POI names.


Credits: Bowa

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15 thoughts on “AdventureQuest

  1. Interesting mod, But however it also hides the dialogue, So i cannot see the trader options (Such as the quests, The trader inventory, etc) i would love for this to be fixed, I’m playing on Vanila 7DTD, No overhaul mods/other HUDs/GUIs

  2. Great mod, I love the variety it allows! Small request though… Is there any way to change the color of the words? Most of the time I can’t read a bunch of them as they are washed out with the traders background.

  3. What a pity! Did not work for me. I got the same five quests. The only difference is, that the quests are now in the left upper corner, not in the middle.
    Do i have to make some settings in config or something?

  4. Amazing mod, I’ve wanted something like this for a while! Thank you!

    Is it possible to add the ability to select more than one quest? That would really be a great quality-of-life addition, where you could get a bunch of quests at once, leave the trader for a few days driving thru the map, and coming back and getting your rewards all at once, rather than coming back every quest. Just an idea, if thats possible. thx!

  5. Please upload your mod files to popular and trusted file upload sites that everyone uses. (Gitlab, Mega, Github, Google Drive etc.)

  6. unfortunately this seems to wipe any dialogue options from my traders. I can trade with them by holding E but cant actually access the dialogue to ask for a quest (I do use darkness falls so it may be on my end for sure but just in case I wanted to just put it out there)

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