The Working TFP Raft

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The TFP raft was rigged as a ‘working water entity’ by DUST2DEATH and the ‘Raft float xml physics’ applied by Ragsy.


The Raft can be placed in shallow water with level ground underneath much the same as the latest version of the ‘boating modlet‘. You can also place the Raft on a flat piece of ground and as near to water as possible and launch from a steeper riverbank side. When launching from land move the raft down slowly towards water and turn it slightly sideways as you approach the waters edge and use the spacebar (tiltback) as you enter the water.

Once in the water level the Raft and off you go.

The Raft will behave a bit irratically on land and will wobble about a bit initially, on water the Raft is very stable.


Normal keys W and Shift for forward momentum and Space bar and C control the up and down angles (same as a gyro) which you may need to adjust slightly as you travel on water. Although once levelled the Raft is much more stable than a boat. Steer the Raft with the A and D keys.

If you let go of W and shift (Turbo) then the Raft slowly comes to a stop, there is no reverse on a raft although pressing S will slow the Raft down more quickly this replaces Spacebar as the brake key.

To ‘anchor the Raft’ and stop it drifting away use C and Spacebar to level the Raft until it stops drifting, useful if you have a fishing mod installed.

Note: The speed of the Raft is reduced as compared to the testing video and the camera angle shortened.


The Raft is craftable in a standard workbench with no progression needed at the cost of having enough resources and actually finding a working workbench. Finding a workbench in early game would be a bonus and allow you to make the Raft a lot sooner.

The recipe’s are simple and use standard in game resources… feel free to alter the recipe if you wish.

Raft has 4 seating positions… not tested in Multiplayer yet.

Important Notes

  • The Assets in this Modlet are purchased (unless otherwise stated) and therefore you are not allowed to extract and alter them in any way.
  • The assets can be used in other mods that are purely ‘non profit’. These assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding.
  • If you use the xml code Ragsy came up with do the right thing and credit him for the float code.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ragsy2145
Additional Credits: The Fun Pimps, DUST2DEATH, 7 Days to Die Forum Community, Guppy’s Modding Discord

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2 thoughts on “The Working TFP Raft

  1. thank you for the detailed description. Those are becoming more and more rare on this site. I will definitely try this!

  2. Is there anything stopping me from using this in alpha 19? Any changes in it that would break this mod or cause it to not work? I absolutely LOVE the idea of this.

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