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  1. Still cant get this and the other poster mod to work ( Zugi Posters & Zombie Tramp PBH), any advice????

    running a Darkness Falls server on Nitrado. – i have several other mods working – food mods plus vehicles, all installed the same way directly into the mods folder (unzipped and too the second folder from inside then pasted into mods folder) other mods are working yet these posters won’t work…. – i scoured the creative menu and couldn’t find any of them… ideas?
    – anyone awesome enough to post a step-by-step guide? + what the items are called in creative & what section to search in to check if they are working?

    – p.s. Im a console pleb just learning how to use a PC just so I could play 7 Days on PC as played on console for years and finally wanted to try the awesomeness that is Darkness Falls…

  2. He did nothing… Almost all files downloaded from Github or Gitlab have this type of folder layer.

  3. Okay nevermind. I found out what the problem is. So there are multiple folders for these mods for some reason. Like LAYERS of folders that you need to keep opening (including the zip file itself) before you actually get to the mod folder. If you upload the first layer of the mod folder – it doesn’t work. You need to open the first layer to get to the 2nd layer where the mod folders are actually at, and upload THEM.

    Not sure why he did it this way…

    1. i cant figure this out. i put the file before the info folder in my mods folder but i could not find the paintings in my game.

  4. Why would I lie? I’m sure you’re talking about this mod without ever trying it. Yes, the author’s other poster mods are only available in the creative menu. (Because they are PBH.) But this Zugi is different from the author’s other poster mods. We can craft it.

  5. *not* working actually. They don’t show up in any crafting menu. You’ll have to use the Creative Menu it seems…

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