Autominer Mod for A19

7 days to die autominer mod for a19, 7 days to die mining

Snufkin’s auto miner mod updated for A19. I really liked this mod and wanted it to be available for the A19 as well. Enjoy it.

Note: The original creator of the mod is Snufkin. (Original Mod) I just updated it for the A19. Also I updated this mod with the help of TerenzOrz(his comment in the original post). So all credit goes to Snufkin and TerenzOrz.


Credits: Abasiyanik, Snufkin, TerenzOrz

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4 thoughts on “Autominer Mod for A19

    1. Sorry for the late reply. This is only XML editing. So the mod is server compatible. Players do not need to install it.

  1. I’m relatively new to the game, and modding. It’d be nice if there was a minor explanation as to exactly what it does. The name gives the premise away, but details would be nice.

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