Invisible Dye

7 days to die invisible dye, 7 days to die clothing, 7 days to die armor mods

This simple mod adds 1 new item and English localization for it called Invisible Dye. It can be applied to clothes and armor (but not shades, as they for some reason do not count as either.) If you add it to the item, it hides the UMA layer of that item and then makes whatever is under it visible, though Haidrgna has not extensively tested what happens with overlapping clothes and hiding only one piece. As you can see the player model becomes visible with all pieces having the mod.

It is added to the dyes loot group and will appear in clothes sometimes like other dyes do.

Terms of Use

Anyone is free to take the code of this mod and expand upon it, use it in their own overhaul or modpack or create a modified version of this mod for personal use. In anything published to the public it is required to tell people you used this mod in its creation, a note of credit to Haidrgna or an entry in your mod’s readme file is usually enough.

This mod likely will remain working for as long as the game keeps using UMA for the character model, when they stop that it may also stop functioning.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Haidrgna

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4 thoughts on “Invisible Dye

  1. If you exclude the top 3 lines and bottom 2 lines of code you can copy and paste the remaining item_modifers.xml info into the dye section of the dedicated server item_modifiers.xml then it will push out to all clients seamlessly without client interaction.

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