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This mod is not for everyone, please read this! It is likely not server side safe as it may tend to cause structures to collapse very easily (looking like drop mining)

This mod adds lowers the block stability of several block types quite a bit!

Blocks will not hold as much weight, horizontally, and thus buildings/POIs/player built structures will likely suffer collapses much more/easier than usual. For example: standing/placing/breaking a block in/on a POI or any previously built structure can cause structural collapse!

Building will be more difficult as long horizontal runs of blocks in the air will not be possible, and you must have more horizontal support below to support blocks.


When testing, POI’s do not appear to collapse without first being “modified”, meaning it appears that block support/stability is only calculated once a block is destroyed (by a player or a zed, etc). so an existing POI may violate stability rules but it will not take effect until block(s) within the POI are destroyed. This means a POI may have large amount of collapse/disintegration by simply destroying 1 block, even a decorative one like a cardboard box as that triggers the stability calculation.

Since “modified” is also “placing a block” Doughphunghus has seen placing a wood frame “on top” of other blocks initiate a stability calculation and thus, some collapse. Because the block had weight!

On a multiplayer server, this mod may cause what looks like “drop mining” as buildings (and possibly ground blocks) will likely start falling/collapsing with very little initial block damage.


The “strength” or “horizontal stability” is a lot less than 50% of the vanilla settings, with some adjustments made to be this “order of strength”. The “mass/weight” of the blocks is not changed, just how much weight a block can hold, horizontally.

The “carrying capacity” of blocks, if you will, generally will follow these rules, which are mostly “the block upgrade path” when a block can be upgraded. Basically: The more a block is upgraded the less support it needs.

  • A21: same?
  • A20: same?
  • A19: glass < wood < weak or thin metal|cobblestone < stone < metal < brick|bulletproof glass < concrete < iron < steel < stainless steel


  • (new) Updated for A21.
  • Converted to a20.
  • Added burnt wood block weakness.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (13 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (13 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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2 thoughts on “Blocks: Lower Stability

  1. Hi, is it possible to reverse the changes in this mod?

    I’m looking specifically for a mod that increases the block stability modifiers of each block, so that I can build a sky base without needing to defend fifty million concrete pillars supporting it from zombies.

    1. I dont get notified of posts here, sorry for the delay 🙂

      Yes? I havent looked at the whole mod deeply in awhile, but all its really doing is changing a setting/number for the “block stability” of each block type. Ypu should be able to look at the setting and increase that number so its larger than the vanilla number. I may have documented in the mod what the vanilla setting is, for comparison, else you have to look in the games /Config folder for the xml files matching the mods xml file names for the vanilla values, to know what numbers to go above. There is also a “block weight” component of stability, which you could also lower for all blocks. Im not sure if i tweaked that in my mod to make it easier to do the “stability math”. For my mod, i loaded up a game in the “prefab editor” (allows the creative menu, so you can just get 1000 of any block) and then literally built little “L” shaped structures to count how far out i could build before the blocks turned pink/yellow (for stability warnings, meaning “place another and its gonna fall”. I made mine ao there is like a 1-2 extra “block distance” for every tougher block before it falls.

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