7 thoughts on “Dev Missing Skills Alpha 21

  1. Seems to break my a21 causing an error that spams the log when starting the game (before you even pick a map). After removing all mods 1 at a time this one seems to be the problem and that is fine since I was only after the ability to refill jars at sinks which I can probably change myself the old-fashioned way by editing the games default files (assuming its not too different from the a20)

  2. Yeah sorry, as much as i am a fan of the name Sexy T-Rex Perk – Whats the Point of readding that? You have that effect injected into the different skills… And get the Bonus for things you actually are proficient in. You don’t need this “must-have in A20 and below” perk anymore and thats a good thing.

    The refill of empty Jars on Sinks, toilets etc. on the other hand is a cool concept.

    1. Thanks for the message, But TBH it doesn’t force you to place points into sexual-trex so im not sure why the message?

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