More Lights (Craftable and Working)

7 days to die more lights (craftable and working), 7 days to die lights, 7 days to die electricity, 7 days to die building materials

This 7DTD mod brings back all your favorite lamps and even some more. All lamps/lights have a valid recipe, and can be unlocked with the Advanced Engineering Perk. For the moment all lights have the same lighting power, but BastiAKA will release a different version with lamps not being that bright.

Changed with v1.2

  • Updated the mod to work with A18
  • Fixed Script collissions

Added with v1.1

  • Desk Lamp (Blockname: deskLampLight_Player)
  • Table Lamp (Blockname: tableLampLight_Player)
  • Work Light (Blockname: workLightPOI_Player)
  • Ceiling Fan Light (Blockname: ceilingFanLight_Player)
  • Exit Sign (Blockname: signExitLight_Player)
  • Red Industrial Light (Blockname: industrialLight02Red_Player)

Content 1.0

  • Industrial Light 01 (Blockname: industialLight01_player)
  • Industrial Light 02 (Blockname: industrialLight02_player)
  • Porch Light (Blockname: porchLight04_player)
  • Porch Light Brass (Blockname: porchLight04Brass_player)
  • Old Outdoor Light (Blockname: porchLight01_player)
  • Ceiling Light 05 Brass (Blockname: ceilingLight05Brass_player)
  • Ceiling Light 05 (Blockname: ceilingLight05_player)
  • Ceiling Light 044 (Blockname: ceilingLight04_player)
  • Ceiling Light 02 Brass (Blockname: ceilingLight02Brass_player) (Silver Dome Light)
  • Ceiling Light 02 (Blockname: ceilingLight02_player)
  • Ceiling Light 07 (Blockname: ceilingLight07_player) (Fluorescent Light)
  • Table Lamp (Blockname: endTableLampPlayer) (Lamp has its own table)


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: BastiAKA

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