Not Just Default Prefabs

7 days to die not just default prefabs, 7 days to die prefab

This mod adds custom POIs originally created for Baba’s “Otisburg” server. This included several new POIs, some reworked older, abandoned TFP POIs, some thematically reworked POIs from zzTong’s POI Mod, as well as some unaltered ones as filler for the server’s main cities. This was released under Public Domain for this reason.


The new “offical” release includes reworked versions of a few of the POIs i created, as well as some new ones Wyr3d added since. In total there are 10 new POIs in this version of the mod, and the older file will be archived. Please refer to zzTong’s POI mod for the original versions of the edited POIs, and the other unedited POI’s he used in the server version. Please note that the remaining POIs he created were either too specfic for that server, or were parts such as signs specifically for the server.

Consequently, the Liscence has been changed as these POIs are now all his original work.

Offical Version

Add this mod to your mods folder, and unzip it. The mod is designed to let the find and include these POIs without the need to copy/paste them into the game data’s PrefFab folder. This is a much safer way to and, and remove POIs to you game. When not in use, one can simply zip the mod back up, and the game will no folder add these POIs when generating a new world. Please be aware that one should not play a workd in which this mod is added without the mod installed!

Please note that all 10 POIs are unlikely to spawn in any single world, and that it is possible for multiple of the same POI to spawn in the world, the same as vanilla POIs. AFAIK each POI should be available to spawn, but in testing he has only been able to spawn 8 of the 10 POIs available in the mod. He is not sure if this is some error he has simple been unable to locate in his POI files, or whether down to just bad luck with workd generation.


Updated for V1.0.


New POI Monkey Fort


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Wyr3d

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One thought on “Not Just Default Prefabs

  1. The POI Wyr3d_Bunker_Barn cannot be completed, i’ve accepted a clear mission and after killing everything, no enemies were left. I decided to roam around using noclip, and only after killing a couple of passive animals, the game showed me the yellow marker where the “last enemey” was supposed to be. After going there, the marker is into the wall. I pull out my dynamite and get to work, still nothing spawns, there’s no switch or button to press or activate.

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