Polluted Water

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All water from natural sources is polluted and must be purified.


  • All natural water sources yield polluted water instead of murky water. Polluted water takes away 15 health, and has a near-certain chance of giving you dysentery. Polluted water can not be boiled, and must be purified to murky water.
  • Adds water purification tablets. Tablets can be crafted in either a campfire with a beaker, or a chemistry station. The recipe unlocks with the recipe for XXX. They are also a rare find in medical loot.
  • Purification tablets require bleach, which is new to the game. Bleach cannot be crafted, but can be found in loot in the same places as acid.
  • Glass jars are back, but can only be filled with polluted water. Jars can be looted and crafted, but are not returned when liquids are consumed. This is for compatibility with other consumables in A21, and for balance reasons.
  • Snowballs can be turned into polluted water using a glass jar at a campfire.
  • Includes the features from the Murky Dew mod, where dew collectors yield murky water but do not produce heat. You do not need to install that mod separately.

Technical Details

This mod uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not have custom C# code. It should be compatible with EAC.

However, the mod also includes new non-XML resources (new icons). These resources are not pushed from server to client. For this reason, the mod should be installed on both servers and clients.

Re-Use of New Assets

Most of the icon images are derivative works of The Fun Pimps original images. Khzmusik does not claim any rights over these images.

You may only re-use the images under the same terms and conditions that you would use the original images from The Fun Pimps.

However, the bleach bottle icon may be used freely. The bottle itself is from a photo he took. The logo comes from a bleach bottle image that is released under a CC0 (public domain) license.

The new icons were created using Gimp. The Gimp source files are included in the UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas folder, alongside the icons themselves.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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