Rabbit of Caerbannog Mod

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This mod adds a very powerful, feral rabbit. Run Away! Run Away! For those unfamiliar: Wikipedia

NOTE: The rabbit does not spawn very frequently in this mod. To remedy this, this additional mod is available if you want to also load it to increase the spawn rate: Doughs-RabbitOfCaerbannog-SpawnsALot

Special thanks and credit where it’s due to: These members of the 7 Days to Die User Forums

+1 Mumpfy: For creating the white rabbit texture.

+1 Mjoelnir.hh: For merging the texture into Textures.unity3d and providing help on how to use it.


Converted to a20.

Have not tested, but if you have Feral sense on you might want to tweak this thing to be easier to kill since its so tiny and you might not be able to avoid it hunting you. Its based off of the animal template so Doughphunghus doesn’t think it will hunt you down (from a great distance) with Feral sense turned on. Normally you have to shoot it or be pretty close before it targets and destroys you. Tested running away and this still works to an extent on vanilla settings. Highest spawn rates are like 7% or less in “bad places” like wasteland, 1-2% or less in “normal places”

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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4 thoughts on “Rabbit of Caerbannog Mod

  1. looks familiar to my mod from years ago, the holy hand grenade is supposed to be a entity (fleshy bits only) killer, no blocks get damaged. this reduced the lag and ram leak issues of blocks being blown away.

    1. The grenade is from another modder named Khelldon, who’s mods I’ve been maintaining as they stopped modding this game, so I don’t know where the grenade model comes from. I dropped the damage a bit (because of lag), but yeah it cases lag on most systems because of the massive damage it causes. I do agree (if I think about it) that in the movie it only killed the rabbit and didn’t blow a huge hole in the ground 🙂

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