VergilSparda’s Various Victuals – New Food, Drink, and Bundle Items to Populate Your Random Gen! (Formerly In-Universe Junk)

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Welcome friends, to the new and improved Various Victuals! VergilSparda was not happy with the original name of this mod, and he wanted to change it for Alpha 21… so he did, theme and all. Honestly, he enjoy the new name much better! Did you know that victuals means ‘food or provisions’? He sure didn’t until he went looking for alliteration words! And it was supposed to be longer, too, but he made the title logo as it was and fell in love with it as it was!

Included in This Mod

This mod, as did the old one, includes most of the various in-game food, drink, and junk items that you see out in the world of 7 Days to Die. He say “most”, because there are items still in-game that he hasn’t yet included—mostly the various pill bottles and tool shelf items—as he deemed them unnecessary and bloat. But there are very many that are included! Have you ever wanted to reach in and eat that delicious looking bag of Nachios “Good” Flavor Tortilla Chips from the new snack vending machine? Or how about taking a sip of some delicious Sir P. soda from the new Fizz Cola soda vending machine? Or even perhaps you wished you could just take the six pack of soda right off the Shamway grocery store shelf and chug all six frat style? Well now, you can, with his mod, Various Victuals!

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 1

(Please understand he use AGF Hud Plus and KhaineGB’s 60 slot backpack, so the item icons appear to be bigger than the box size; this shouldn’t be the case in vanilla)

Current Features

  • 21 total soda and drink items based on the various drink brands you see out within in the world, 6 of which are brand new! This includes the Alpha 21 vending machines (Fizz Cola and Springvann Oasis Mineral Water), the original fountain soda machine, and the Alpha 21 coolers and freezers!
    • All total drink items are as follows: Brew Cola, Fizz Cola, Diet Fizz Cola, Star Cola, Fructosa Cola, Diet Fructosa Cola, Citrus Splash, Citrussy, Lemon Zip, Energy Shot, Peppy PhD, Sir P., Old Tyme Root Beer, and Fras Root Beer; Sport Drink, Orange Quest, and Red Tea Herbal Tonic; Sleepy Time Tea, and Juice Aid Orange Juice; and Red Impact Wine!
  • 23 total new food items and ingredients based on the various brands you see out within the world, 11 of which are band new! This includes the new Alpha 21 snack and candy vending machine, as well as the new Alpha 21 freezers and shelves!
    • All total items are as follows: Nachios Tortilla Chips in Good and “Gross Cheese” flavors, Oops! All Air Classic and Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, Off Da Fritz snack crackers in Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese and Chives flavors, Bretzels, Prime Bars in Chocolate Chip flavor, Paradis Nuts Peanuts and Almonds, Thick Nick’s Beef Jerky, Arizona Potato Granules, Butter Balance butter spread, Antonio’s Frozen Pizza, Cajun Pride seasoning, Diamond Potato Chips, DaBox Cereal, Pure Grain Flour, Gourmet Man Salisbury Steak, HOT Soup, English Wafers, and Mixed Vegetables!
      • Be careful, however, for items that were once frozen may lower your health due to being left at room temperature too long!
      • Flour will also still kill you if you eat it raw. Don’t say he didn’t warn you!
  • 6 new recipes based on the food and drink items within this mod! this includes: Corn to Flour, Mashed Potatoes, White Bread, Orange Juice, Steeped Herbal Tea, and Herbal Tea With Honey!
    • Herbal Tea with Honey unlocks at level 18 of the Cooking magazine tree, alongside Pumpkin Cheesecake!
    • Corn to Flour requires a stone to ground the corn itself into flour. This may change in the future!
  • Recipe Replacers for the follow recipes to include items from this mod where applicable! this includes: Blueberry and Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake and Bread, and Tuna Fish Gravy Toast now include flour instead of cornmeal, and Shepard’s Pie and Sham Chowder now include Arizona Potato Granules instead of regular Potatoes!
  • 3 total bundles — the Six Pack of Soda , Nail Box, and Tool Box Bundle — based on the Working Stiffs and Shamway store shelves! These work just like vanilla bundles.
    • The Six pack of soda grants you 6 cans of any of the sodas included in this mod, or up to six cans of Herbal Tonic or up to 6 cans of Mega Crush!
    • The Tool Bundle grants you a random chance to receive one or more random quality salvage or repair tool (Wrench, Claw Hammer, or Ratchet), some Steel Tool Parts, or even some nails!
    • The Nail box grants you up to 25 nails, as well as paper for the box!
  • [NSFSS!] Custom, client-side icons for every added item, some completely original and made as close to the original material as possible (others are screenshots, scaled, fixed, and color-corrected)
  • Same loot probability as vanilla — you should be able to find any of the items in this mod in the appropriate food- and drink-based containers (appended lootgroups and lootcontainers to add in items without removing any vanilla items)
  • 1 modified lootgroup — (groupShamewayFreezer01) so that only the items visibly in the freezer model are able to be looted! It does still keep groupFoodTrash so that rotten flesh and bones can still be found, since it seems appropriate

Planned/Upcoming Features

  • 1 new energy drink based on the Alpha 20 Shamway coolers — Gold Star Energy Drink, which might act like mega crush, or given its more army-style logo, something to do with combat instead of running speed.
  • 3 new liquors based on the new liquor pile items added in alpha 21 — Diablo Descarado Tequila, Stratim Vodka, and Ricky Joel’s Bourbon, all of which that will have their own unique buffs (maybe, it depends on if he can learn how to make and implement custom buffs), or a combination of other buffs.
  • More tool bundles based on the various boxes around POIs — This includes the Impact Driver bundle, which may include scrap iron, motor tool parts, or even the elusive Impact Driver; and perhaps a few others depending on what he can make bundles out of.
  • More recipes for more foods, as an add-on — this includes Roasted Vegetables, White and Pumpkin Toast, maybe even actual sandwiches instead of moldy ones!
  • More language localization — anybody is free to make their own, and if you do, let him know and he can add it to the main page, if that is something you would be interested in. He doesn’t know any other languages than English and a bit of Spanish, so he’s pretty much useless when it comes to this, and he don’t trust any online translators to translate properly!
  • Updating the mod with any new items as 7 Days to Die continues development and polishes off its new art assets accordingly — And as long as he can get good, high resolution screen grabs of the items!
  • Removing any items if they end up becoming part of vanilla — that was always the plan, because who knows what might happen and he’d be more than happy to set his mod aside for vanilla stuff, always.


Some of the new items in a couple of containers, the freezer and the Shamway Box (the crate at the end of dungeon POIs!):

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 2

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 3

Herbal Tea with Honey seamlessly integrated into the new Magazine system:

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 4

Items from this mod seamlessly integrated in vanilla Vending Machine loot tables, so they show up alongside vanilla food and drinks now:

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 5


  • Compatible with Alpha 21, and as long as nothing changes, future alpha versions! This should also work with existing saves if you haven’t already downloaded the mod.
  • If you are planning to play this on a server, everyone needs to have the mod downloaded for icons to show up! Otherwise, icons will be invisible! (He did not previously know this! The downside of being a single-player only player!)

This mod is NOT compatible with Alpha 20!

Here is his current Mod list if you want an idea of what mods this is compatible with (hint: it should be all of them unless they add the same things his mod does!)

Please note the four redacted mods are personal mods, one or two of which he may release in the near future! The one he won’t is simply a bunch of very small fixes he previously used to directly edit the vanilla .xml files for, but have since changed to include them as a mod for himself so he doesn’t have to redo the .xml every single time. This includes trader open time (4:05 instead of 6:05, like Undead Legacy), vehicle speed changes, less grass in the pine forest and snow biomes because he has found it causes micro-stutter on his rig, halving the hunger and thirst buffs (from 50, 25, and 8? to 32, 16, and 4, which makes for more intense stages of starvation and dehydration in his opinion, weapon and armor mod slots equal to their quality level, bigger cabinet and refrigerator space, and more eggs in birds nests. This is his personal play style and he’ll probably never release it unless somebody asks for it directly!

7 days to die vergilsparda's various victuals additional screenshot 6

(If you would like to download the A20 version, here is the old post. He will not be updating or supporting this version, however, so use at your own risk)

(Serious thanks are hurled with his noodle arms at Guppycur’s modding server, without it he literally would have never posted an Alpha 21 update. They helped tremendously in converting the Herbal Tea with Honey recipe into the new magazine system, as well as literally helping him learn how to xpath when he first released the A20 version of this mod. He believe he originally shouted out DoughPhungus, MageJosh, and Shavick, so he won’t do it again here to avoid unnecessary pinging, but they helped with the original and the updates! He’d also like to thank schwanz9000 for clarifying some model textures in the A20 version, he is like eternally grateful for that!)

Current Changelog

  • All previous parenthesis “(Item)” markers have been removed at author’s discretion, because they took one look at them in the vending machine and decided it looked extremely ugly beside the vanilla food and drinks, and they didn’t really work anyway
    • Localization file has also been updated with fixes to spelling, grammar, and general errors, so hopefully everything looks a little more polished, especially with the removal of the “(Item)” markers
  • All items have been given generic names and only show the brand name within the description, for parity with vanilla (something VergilSparda did not notice before!)
    • All of them have changed, but a few examples of the changes to items go like this:
      • Diamond Chips -> Can of Potato Chips
      • Juice Aid Concentrate -> Gallon of Juice Concentrate
      • Cajun Pride Seasoning -> Can of Cajun Seasoning
  • Removed all instances of various food giving back Empty Cans, Empty Jars, and Resources, for parity with Alpha 21 vanilla changes
  • Removed the schematic for Herbal Tea with Honey (formerly Sleepy Time Tea with Honey) and integrated the recipe into the new magazine system
    • Herbal Tea with Honey is now also in the appropriate campfire menu; previously it was in Medical, now it should be in Drinks
    • Steeped Herbal Tea should now properly show Stamina Regen duration
    • Herbal Tea with Honey now also has a Stamina Regen buff, doubled because honey has been added. It made no sense for one to have one but not the other; he doesn’t know what he was thinking!
  • Vending Machines of all kinds should now stock all food and drink items from this mod that is appropriate
    • Snacks are also worth less than canned goods, and sodas worth less than other drinks, so they make for good early game food and drink if you’re having trouble finding or making food otherwise. They still cost quite a bit (96~ dukes for snacks and somewhere around the same for soda)
  • Loot tables have been updated with new items and have been combed through to ensure all items from this mod will properly appear in-game (hopefully, he looked about 398492843 times, but knowing him something is probably still missing)
  • New .xml files — blocks.xml, progression.xml, and traders.xml—have been added again, to reflect changes made in this mod
    • Existing .xml files have been combed through to further optimize them, if that’s even a thing. Some stats still refuse to work correctly, but that’s okay, because it doesn’t have to be perfect!
  • Flour pallets now give flour instead of cornmeal, because why wouldn’t they? (Tone of text does not indicate how excited author is for this, it’s so cool! And they’re still rare enough that finding flour is enough of a hassle unless you know where to look! Sweet!)
  • Some food and drink items have had their stats raised or lowered to better reflect the addition of even more food and drink. Snacks will now only give you a ‘little’ bit of food, as they are, after all, just snacks!
  • Sport Drink, Herbal Tea, Steeped Herbal Tea, Herbal Tea with Honey, Orange Juice, and any others that once showed leather should now properly show bottled water because who the hell drinks leather? (how did he originally miss this?)
  • Red Impact Wine loot chance has been raised (again), so it should now properly show up in loot (and it has, in his own testing game!)
    • Red Impact Wine should now show up in all three new Liquor Piles
  • foodFrozenVeg and drinkSportDrink have updated UI Icons to reflect new/fixed textures on existing cooler and freezer models
  • Mixed Vegetables now properly lower health when eaten raw—recipes have yet to be determined but may be added in future updates
    • Cajun Seasoning should now also properly lower water as well as health
  • Recipe Tags changed to reflect new Learn by Reading system
  • Cajun Seasoning and Mashed Potatoes should now show negative water loss instead of a simple ‘0’, as they do lower water
  • Arizona Potato Granules now also lower water stat significantly, because why wouldn’t they? Who eats dry potato granules?
  • Orange Juice Concentrate (form. Juice Aid Orange Concentrate) now no longer shows a Food value of ‘0’, because it isn’t food
  • Arizona Wipes icon has officially been removed from ItemIconAtlas folder, since he no longer have any plans to add them in, since they wouldn’t do anything.
    • Impact Driver box Icon remains because it may be added in a future update
    • Gold Star Energy icon also remains for the same reason
  • Too many more changes to account for but it’s mostly just fix after fix after fix after fix! Play around a little and see for yourself!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: VergilSparda

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