Underwater Breathing Diving Mask

7 days to die underwater breathing diving mask, 7 days to die clothing

For when you need to build underwater without drowning, this crafted diving mask keeps you oxygenated and somewhat warm under the surface.

Tiny server-side modlet. The mask does not require any perks, books or workbench to craft. It looks like a hazmat mask when worn. Very dashing.


Credits: Khym

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5 thoughts on “Underwater Breathing Diving Mask

  1. This mod makes no sense, nobody has made a mask with no electronics that can filter only air out of water for the user to breath underwater. And the fact that you can craft this with no schematic or perks makes even less sense. This would only make sense as a unlockable perk item at max intellect level as this is super advanced technology that doesn’t exist in the real world and would be revolutionary especially if someone worked out how to create it themselves with no help…

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