Scent of Prey

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The Scent of Prey mod is to add in the ability for zombies and prey animals to find you more easily if you carry raw meat or animal fat. It also carries a small chance to spawn a predator Horde that is GS appropriate to attack you.

If using the alchemy mod by badpoly, the stressed out mod by irishmanjmo, or telric’s fishing mod you will find their animal meats commented out in sections in the buffs.xml file that you can uncomment for it to work with those raw animal meats as well.

The only way to combat the effects of this mod are to invest into the From the Shadows perk to level 2 or above.


Updated to v1.0.2

  • Typo in localization fixed
  • Adjusted strength of effect on aggro range and duration passives to increased amounts.
  • Adjusted frequency of random predator horde spawns and increased minimum and maximum range for those spawns so they don’t happen on top of the player.

Feel free to use this mod in any overhaul, mod, collection, or personal use project you like, and credits would be nice.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Magejosh

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