Armor Pack 3 – Military Headgear

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I’m sure you’re as frustrated as me with this outdated clothing system and their apparent desire to dumb it down to make our players feel even less like they’re unique and custom to us.

I am releasing these mods to hopefully show TFP that players WANT custom characters and variations of items that they can hobble together with treasures from the wasteland, creating a truly unique character and base.

The military has crumbled and left you to fend for yourself. The least they could do is leave behind some sick helmets and masks for you to wear.

Note that with all clothing/armor mods, you CANNOT preview this in your character outfit screen. This is pretty useless in SP. However, it is equipped on you and in multiplayer or on a bike, you will see it.

This serves to help your crew look badass and get more protection.

YOU MUST LOOT THESE, YOU CAN’T CRAFT THEM. This is for realism / immersive purposes.

16 new helmets and 11 new masks. Helmets have varying levels of protection but mostly resemble the existing army helmet specs.


  • PAGST Helmet (Grey / OD)
  • 6B47 Helmet (OD / Ranger)
  • ZSH-1 Helmet
  • MICH (Grey/Ranger)
  • FAST Helmet (Khaki/OD)
  • ACH (Desert MARPAT / Grey)
  • Altyn Helmet (Grey / Dark Blue / Black)
  • Tank Crew Helmet (OD / Ranger)


  • Head Wrap/Neck Scarf (Tiger Stripe / M81)
  • Balaclava (Woodland / Black)
  • Head Wrap/Bandana (Ranger/Coyote)
  • Bandana (AOR2/M81)
  • Concealed Operator (Googles/comms/head wrap/neck wrap) (AOR2/Khaki/M81)


Join my dedicated server with my private and experimental mods by visiting my website. You can also see up-to-date blog posts as I update WIP projects and talk about the modding process as I go through it. You can also donate if you’d like to contribute to more Unity assets being brought into 7DTD.


Credits: smittylv

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6 thoughts on “Armor Pack 3 – Military Headgear

  1. Armor mod works for alpha 20, but they are misaligned with the head, So its basically broken. Needs to be resized a little bit.

    1. Its not broken actually. The armors just dont fit on the ‘self customized’ characters. But the preset characters do work!

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