Hind Helicopter

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Ragsy has been busy with other things of late and other real life stuff… He has started working on Vehicle Madness updates and trying to get time to sort of some more watercraft.

This however was done as a project learning curve on Helicopters in Unity for himself and Tiger… They needed the practice.

This is Heli is using different controls compared to the Gyro,

Controls are

  • Spacebar = up/tilt back slighlty
  • C = Down/Tiltforward Slightly
  • W = Forward and Shift for Turbo
  • S = Slow/Brake/reverse
  • AD = Left/right

Helicopter will go to ground when you run out of fuel, also will not have any lift to take off from the ground if no fuel.

He think it flies quite well using these controls you can climb and use C to level, when descending hit C to go down and use S to brake if needed and use spaceback to tilt back a bit. With a bit of practice and you can get used to it.

For those interested in the xml, motor 2 is to spin the tail rotor propeller with no forces applied as the only way this style of control will work, Motor1 has to be set to input forward which without the secondary motor looks odd as tail rotor would come to a stop and spin down when hovering.

Also additional forces applied via Force 6 and 7 to add the tilt back on take off and tilt forward on decend.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Ragsy2145, Tiger

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2 thoughts on “Hind Helicopter

  1. Love the mod and the sound! But, is there a way to change the control input to allow more control to the Tilt? Using Forward as Ascend, Back as Descend, C for Tilt Forward, Space for Tilt Back. Would that be something I could change in the xml?

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