Navezgane Regional Airport

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  • Fan-made 8K modified vanilla generated map named Circling Vulture Valley
  • Full Terminal with concourse and aircraft parked at the gates
  • Crashed aircraft that can be found throughout the Wilderness
  • Twelve quest-able POIs
    • Three Tier 1 POIs
    • Three Tier 2 POIs
    • Two Tier 3 POIs – Of which there are 3 duplicates of a Hangar, but each with their own unique aircraft inside
    • Two Tier 4 POIs – back-to-back placed Concourse-halves which make up a whole, contiguous concourse
    • Tier 5 POI – A Huge Terminal which is about 50% larger than Dishong Tower! (But not taller – Dishong Tower still holds the record for tallest vanilla POI)
    • Tier 5 POI – A Jumbo jet surrounded by emergency vehicles, left on the runway where it came to an ominous halt
  • Two Runways, taxiways and tarmac
  • Dozens of various parts, RWG tiles and remnants for you to explore!

7 days to die navezgane regional airport additional screenshot 2

7 days to die navezgane regional airport additional screenshot 3

7 days to die navezgane regional airport additional screenshot 1

7 days to die navezgane regional airport additional screenshot 4

NOTE: You can also find a version of this airport on Fluffy Panda’s 10K Mega Metropolis Airport Map.


  1. Download the zip file to a known location
  2. Unzip the file and place the contents 7 Days to Die Airport Folder in your 7 Days to Die user data folder typically found at;
    Note: Alternately you can search using
    to find the App Data folder
  3. Start A New Game (SP) Start 7 Days to Die and select New Game
  4. In Game World, find the map Circling Vulture Valley
  5. Customize the settings as you like and START a new game! Happy Hunting, Survivor!




New Tier 5 POI called “Jumbo Jet Emergency Landing”

Note: For the Circling Vulture Valley map, the jumbo jet can be found just before the Runway 17 threshold. Coordinates: (-2242, 35.1, 925)


Updated runway ends with blast pads/stopways



Triggers in Hangars were not working, but have been restored



  • Updated Localization.txt file in order to fix Multi Player Dedicated Server issues
  • Rotated a misaligned airport fence section east of runway 17 threshold



Added Bear encounter in the Airport Terminal POI as per Fluffy Panda’s request


Changed Sedans to Police Cars in the Concourse and Control Tower POI


  • Fixed various textures in Airport Terminal, Concourse POIs
  • Fixed missing block in Airport Terminal water control room
  • Fixed missing sink in Airport terminal baggage handling break room
  • Fixed missing light above rollup gate to bus depot in Airport Terminal


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: AH64Jimbo

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7 thoughts on “Navezgane Regional Airport

  1. Nice! Thank you and glad you are enjoying exploring the airport. Sorry that the airliners don’t fly any more; They would make some grand mobile bases.
    Fluffy Panda makes Epic maps. I’m glad we were able to collaborate and bring the best of both worlds.
    Good luck with your search for a functioning aircraft to fly. Oh, and watch out for bears! 😉

  2. It’s awesome, I love it. Now I’m looking for a suitable flying aircraft Mod. My Gyrocopter looks very small when flying over it. Thank you for the effort here ! I put this into my Mods folder, and the Fluffy Panda Mega Cities Map (10k) into my Worlds folder and launched the map, done ! Yaaa … lol

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