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7 days to die mod requests

We’ve received many questions about a request page. Here is the Mod Requests page that will easily bring modders and players together.

You can write your requests to the mod authors via comments.

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166 thoughts on “Mod Requests

  1. How about a MechWarrior mod? You craft/upgrade junk/steampunk looking mechs? You could have the different parts be salvageable at the construction and military pois. Like a steampunk walking tractor fitted with military weapons. Why have mechs? Because of giant base destroying armored mutant zombies that spawn late game. Or more specifically after assembling the mech there is a chance giant zombies, scorpions, or such spawn during horde night. That’s the general idea. I’m not a programmer but would be willing to help in anyway. I think this would be amazing in the new mega cities.

  2. Hey, I’m wondering if anybody could make a mod that adds different types of bows with progression, like T1 Bow, T2 Long Bow, T3 Recurve etc. With models and have it updated for A21.1, I love bows and going from stick and string to Compound always seemed odd to me y’know.

  3. Would a mod to remove/tweak internal quest cooldown be possible ?
    Currently, it appears a POI can’t be offered as a quest by a trader if it’s been completed in the last 7 days, this makes running T6 quests difficult in the very end game.
    Didn’t find in the xml how to change that 7 days cooldown.

  4. – Olá, um mod onde posso definir o nascer do sol , o sol começar clarear as 5 da manhã e não as 4
    – Mod para pintar por completo a jacketa universitária
    – Mod para usar vaso sanitário para remover debuff “diarréia”

  5. Is it possible to take the Weapons, Tools, Armor and vehicle mod tier system from undead legacy?
    I’ve been trying to find a way to have better mod tiers just as there is better weapon and tool tiers but have had no luck.
    It might be a big thing to request but having tiers to item mods just seems normal and should be in the game. Please! It’s something I’ve been looking into for ages I’m just incapable of making the mod myself haha.
    Best of luck, appreciate the time and effort if it’s possible.

  6. Hi all I would like a fidget spinner mod separate from joke mod as i only play joke mod on laptop but i use a steam deck with mods, but can not use the joke mod as i need a bigger sd i think thanks. if possible.

  7. I would like a mod that eliminates the ability to find or buy craft-able items so the only way to get them is by crafting

  8. Looking for the Frying Pan with sound Just like the one in Dying Light Should be a beginner weapon in your start up kit.
    Nothing like the satisfying Ding coming from a Z-Bags Head.

  9. make a stamina mod for Undead Legacy that increases max stamina and regen

    I hate stamina as a game mechanic

  10. I am a huge fan of Neebs Gaming and Glock 9. I would like to see a mod that makes the Neebs Team and Glock in the same role as the white River Scout in Darkness Falls, but in a vanilla game. You could also get quests from them, having Thick’s character giving you a quest to take out some Thick Fanboys that believe they are the real Thick. Or Appsro having you kill lot lizards and its the stripper zombie. I think the idea is good if someone has the vison and is able they could make it a great idea. Thank you.

  11. I would love a mod that can change the movement speed of zombies based on the biome, ie Pine Forest, all zeds walk, Desert, they run, Wasteland, they sprint.

  12. I was thinking of a bunch of small quality-of-life mods

    Can be made into a makeshift scope or be used until a scope can be found.

    -Kickstand mod:
    Add to the bicycle, mini bike, and motorcycle so they stop falling over.

    -Display rack:
    Show off the weapons you have on the wall of your base.

    -Flare gun:
    Can call the wandering hords away from you for a short amount of time.

    -Tripwire traps:
    Self explanatory

    -Bear traps:
    would hold a Zom in place for a few.

    -Radio Trap:
    Set and place it, will attract Zoms in area to it not you.

    -A junk turret Mod:
    Adds mini tank treads so it can follow you around like the drone.

    -Motor cyele mod 1:
    Adds a tank tread rear weel like a snow mobile for the snow biome.

    -Motor cyle mod 2:
    Adds a float device that let you use it on the water like a jet ski.

    I have more fleash out details on how they would function and some details of appearance for getting the look right if anyone is wanting to take on this request.

  13. I would like to have a MOD that does not refresh zombies during the day, doubles them at night (buildings and animals are not affected), and kills them immediately after dawn.

  14. Without a doubt, the best mod I can think of is to ELIMINATE the need to find and read books and schematics in 7DTD (It’s every speedruner’s dream).

  15. i hate the sounds of the trees being fell just way to loud i wanna change it to softer or just saying Timbeeeerrr anyway anyone can make a sound mod that lets you drag and drop a sound file that you want to use maybe like a gui so you select the default one you want to change then ask for new sound and choose new one then changes it for you name nd all thankss

  16. I would like to see this mod get updated for A21/22

    I left a reply asking the Author if there was any chance of this getting updated but left with no response. The mod still “works” just the water you place down, is invisible and makes it harder to tell where not to step. I can send screen shots if in case. Thanks!

  17. Vroid mod for Traders, I would love to turn the traders into Vroid anime models. If this mod already exists, please send link, thank you for reading.

  18. would be cool to see a *The Walking dead mod* basically zombies can’t break walls, dig under, and also npc, other survivor’s that you can recruit or bandits, etc. also zombies be headshots only.

  19. Im looking for someone to possibly create a “I am Legend” mod for this game. My ideas are…

    -Zombies burn to death when out in the daylight.
    -No traders…Your supposed to be the last person on Earth.
    -IF possible can zombies be removed from outdoor and small POI’s.
    -Last little request just because i think it would be fun. Is an optional Black and white filter possible? Like the old movies. Want it to be similar to old movie “Last man on Earth”.

    Thank you for reading this. I hope someone could bring this to reality!

  20. Hello and good day to whoever is reading this.

    I am very fond of the gameplay of this game, but have come to hate the sheer amount of gore in this game for various reasons (I find it rather gross and unappealing). I was wondering if there would be a kind soul out there who could quickly (if there is such a thing) scrap together a mod that removes the dismemberment (namely the head explosions) and blood splatters from the game for those of us who enjoy the game but are sensitive to extreme displays of violence.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this
    -A (hopefully) humble internet zombie enthusiast

  21. A chest you can build that acts similar to an ender chest in Minecraft (contents are shared across all chests of that type globally). The more storage space the better. Would make setting up a new base more enjoyable.

  22. A mod that recruits traders to your base (similar to terraria).
    Perhaps to make it simple: An item in the trader’s store that you can purchase (for a large sum ) that will allow you to transplant them to any spot you place them to. Once you do they are available to trade with 24/7.

  23. I would love a world boss mod that has multiple bosses you can choose and changable loot tables for the bosses. As well as changing the difficulty of bosses .

  24. input slot for forge:
    I would like to suggest a mod to expand or modify the forge’s capacity to 4 (four) input slots.
    I’ve seen one that does this but requires other mod parts that I don’t want.

  25. Hello creators, I dont know if it already exist, but i would love some mod that shares books to all tema. It would work like, i found book i read it, and everybody gets the point. If is that posible 😀

  26. I would love a mod that removes being able to loot and buy whole tools, weapons and guns but instead increases the parts you find. Quests rewards could stay the same though

  27. Подскажите пжл капитальный мод (как сборник) с переводом на русский язык. Как например раньше был Undead Legacy

  28. Portable lantern

    Instead of a directional light source like a headlamp, it provides the effect of illuminating the surroundings, much like when a lantern is lowered to the waist in Skyrim. The image is to be attached to the body or waist as an equipment mod.

  29. Picture this: during the Christmas time of year, in the snow biome, an irradiated Snowman, around 8 blocks in height, scooting around with a big evil grin, dragging a Zombie Santa around that it swings as a weapon at the player. Guns and other weapons do miniscule damage, unless fire is involved.

  30. i would like to see a “City of Ember” type mod. if you’ve never seen the movie “city of ember”, def go watch it. its a great movie. an underground city for people to live 200 yrs below away from whatever disasters were happening on the surface. but zombies got down to the city somehow and now you have to get out. but block stability should crush after 5 blocks or so to prevent nerd poling out. basically spawn a city but its underground with an underground river and a huge generator like the movie…then escape.

  31. Just a simple mod to increase inventory to exactly 63 slots.
    27 normal slots, 18 Pack Mule slots, 18 armor mod slots.
    There was one for A20, but it doesn’t work on A21.

    Other than that, I would love a world customization on Ark’s level.

  32. H’s Special Things a mod like that or something else that actually works for the newer version, with non breakable building blocks, that includes all doors, including garage doors and steel vault doors.

  33. unbreakable blocks including all sizes of doors and garage doors….
    plus….my son mentioned lucky blocks and hopes that we could get a mod like that for 7D7

  34. quality of life mod suggestion. would it be possible to to make a mod that would allow all the doors, chests, and or hatches with the same passcode to be inputted into one door once and have all the same doors passcoded with the same passcode coded within a landclaim?

  35. Looking for help with adding another stat called “shield”
    Would be the exact same as health but only replenishable using certain items.
    I can’t seem to find anything regarding the health stat in the configs so any help is appreciated.

  36. Howdy! Any chance we could get a mod that replaces the hand model with the correct gloves the character wears? Better for immersion. Had to do so when you’re geared up in all steel and have a bare hand in FP haha

  37. hi, I know the game is supposed to be scary because of the zombies, but, can someone make a mod that makes the zombies, like, not creepy looking??
    you see, I have a friend who is a mom, and her son wants to watch her playing, but, it’s spooky and she doesn’t allow it.

  38. Hey, I’m pretty basic when it comes to modifying my game. But I’m curious if it’s possible to add dual wield pistols? I know you wouldn’t be able to aim, but like fists use both mouse buttons to attack, can it be done?


  39. Hello everyone,
    I would like to see the following mods:
    – Guard dogs: Doghouse already exists. Maybe you could make something out of it where a dog sits and barks when zombies or strangers are around. You have to feed the dog with meat or canned dog food. You may also be able to let the dog guard a certain area.
    – Cat: Collects mice. So that you can collect meat.
    – Other merchant system: Swap. Each item has a certain collector’s value. I think that’s more realistic at a time when you don’t need money anymore.
    – Repair System: Without tools, you can only repair a small part of the tool or weapon. With a repair kit, you can repair more. And on a workbench you can completely repair it. The more often you let the weapons break, the worse the general condition becomes and you need more materials (for example, iron, coil spring, weapon parts, tool parts). So it’s better to care for and check the items more often and regularly.
    It’s the same with cars. You can also get a flat tire, or just stop if the overall condition is bad. So it’s better to always have spare tires and repair kit with you. And you can’t add the cars to your inventory

    I hope the English is understandable. I used a translator.

    Greetings Benny

  40. Hello, I was wondering if someone could make a mod that replaces the Red Dot Sight on the Tactical Rifle (vanilla) with the Red Dot Sight model from the Sniper Rifle. The default one seems like it’s missing geometry or something.

  41. Hi
    i would like to have a mod that brings back the old model of screamer zombie from alpha 18/19 to alpha 20
    And another mod that brings back the old building/upgrading system like reinforce concrete and rebar frames

  42. Crimson Head:

    Based on the zombies in the remake of RESIDENT EVIL 1.
    At a very low probability, a defeated zombie will revive after a few seconds and attack you while running.

  43. Goodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    I don’t know if the translator will do his job well, but in summary, I would like some fix that adjusts the UI of Sirillion’s SMX mod series with respect to the Oakraven mod pack, such as Ammo Press, Cooking Station, Power Things and basically the rest that it adds new workstations, at the moment I use the mod without having the Smxui with which the incompatibility occurs, I looked for a patch but either it is not very public, or one has not been uploaded yet.

    In advance, thank you very much (:

  44. would like to have better planting and harvesting tools. for Example you can seed 10x seeds and harvest 10x plants in 1 click.

  45. Can someone make a Diabetic mod?
    my wife is diabetic and we would like to add some immersion for her
    if possible can it have:
    an Insulin Needle that can raise health but will drain water and/or food can just look like a syringe

    glucose tablets that will raise food can look like pain killers maybe colored orange

    a Diabetic Meter misc item that can maybe be placed and can look like somthing small and roundish with a ascreen

    test strips misc item can look like a bottle

    Lance (the thing that pokes for a blood test) can look like a pen or vial

    not everything need to be there, at the very least im looking for the insulin the rest would be cool if doable

  46. add to my request:
    if possible with a picture of the map (link) to show how the map looks?
    its easier to take the best spot to start :>

  47. Hey and Happy New Year!

    I’m looking for a Mod for 4 Teleports at the first Connection …
    Connected -> Windows with 4 Spots -> click = teleport to the Spot …

    Thanks and best Side 4 Mods! 🙂

  48. Could someone make a mod so that nightvision goggles and helmets / weapon lights need a period of recharge in between uses .. like 1 minute on 20 secs off or such .. 5 nights at Freddie’s style.
    I feel like otherwise they’re way too overpowered and break the creepy night atmosphere, especially with darker nights mod, which becomes useless for creepy ambiance with lights

  49. Hola admins de la web, creadores de mods y compañeros players y fans de 7 days to die, desde que compre el juego le hecho de 2 a 4 horas días y casi siempre probando mods nuevos , creado mapas y en proyecto de montar un server online por steam con varios mapas uno en concreto que estoy desarrollando que en acabarlo os lo enviare para publicarlo y que lo descarguen aquí, con la temática de: The Death Race basada en la película( Protagonista Frankenstein ), un circuito por todo el mapa con trampas y armas y vehículos trucados, por otro lado se agradece los peces y los barcos creados aun así hecho en falta monstruos marinos, tiburones zombi, pirañas, anguilas etc. estaría bien que alguien lo desarrollase. gracias todos por vuestro tiempo.

  50. I would love to see a mod that removes hoard nights but just makes the game more difficult over all. Which would include more zombie spawns and more wondering hoards.

  51. It would be really cool if someone made POIs for the npc mod. like houses survivors have taken over, and bases of bandits.

  52. ONLY Injured respawn request instead of all settings below the one you pick by default, me and a friend think it’s too annoying to get no XP for almost 45 minutes; but also don’t want death to feel ‘free’

  53. Hi All,

    I like quite small, compact bases but this causes a problem parking vehicles, I seem to spend quite a lot of time reversing vehicles around tight corners so its ready for me to drive off on my next adventure. I would love to see a mod for a vehicle turntable – we had one at a previous workplace so I know they exist in real life! You park your vehicle on a 5×5 pad (countersunk into the ground) and either on exiting the vehicle or on pressing a nearby button it rotates 90 degrees (hit the button twice or a second button for 180 degrees).

    Many thanks is anticipation.

  54. I was told about a mod that lets you play as a mamagen, either I can’t find it or it hasn’t been published yet.

  55. I would love to see new traps like a timed spike trap that could be place either on a wall or floor, or a Freeze/Fire trap.

  56. Mod to manage a village, give them ressources, food etc so that they can “expand” and eventually bring bonuses. Similar to “Minecolonies” Mod in Minecraft. Something that would give the player the feeling of being in a group of survivor even in solo. Similar to Walking Dead villages

  57. Добавьте в игру , каменную кирку а так же ножик ! Ещё чтобы можно было добывать смолу из деревьев

  58. Please, could someone make a mod so that the zombies are skibidi toilets.

    To the one who does it, it would contribute…

    Thank you

  59. One thing that me and my friends would love, even though it might be difficult, would be functioning tanks, with a working turret and cannon.

  60. Advanced Sledgehammer

    In Mexico, there is a real festival called “Mega Bomber,” in which explosives are attached to the tip of a sledgehammer, which is then struck on the ground to create an explosion.

    The proposed weapon is modeled after this, with the left click for a normal attack and the right click for a power attack.
    The R key loads the hammer with shotgun ammunition.
    After loading, right-click to unleash a power attack with an explosion.

  61. Ammunition = Money

    This is a recreation of the unique game system in Metro 2033, a world where gun ammunition is treated as currency.
    Crafting ammunition is no longer possible, and the sale of loot is limited to gold, silver, and diamonds.
    You will be forced to choose whether to hit with a blunt weapon when in danger, run away, load your gun with bullets and shoot, or save your bullets and use them to purchase goods from traders.

  62. Id love to see a collection of Pokemon cards to trade/sell. Of course this could be a large ask, being as theres ALOT. I have no knowledge of making mods sadly, but i cant imagine its easy. So this is my “message in a bottle”

    Also, the Master Sword as a melee weapon would be pretty neat. I havent seen swords so i dont quite know if its even possible, but theres a bat so maybe the “stance” is there? Sincerely, a merch deprived nerd.

  63. A mod for off-hand carrying…to be able to carry a torch or shield/another club in off hand when wielding a club/spear/machete. You get the blunt of the point. XD

  64. Someone could give me a budget to implement a death match style to my server? or a capture and hold victory condition
    Best regards

  65. [Peddlers appearing in conjunction with airdrops]

    Traders will appear near the supply drop point according to the airdrop time.
    His stay is only for the duration of the day and he will disappear at AM00:00 the next day.
    In conjunction with this, the presence of traders with stores will be turned off.
    This may change the behavior of many survivors, both single and multiplayer, who follow the theory of building a house near the trader house.

  66. How about a cycle of trader opening dates like Blood Moon?
    There are such things as open 24 hours or lose a store, but this mod is something in between.
    Open the store only on a 3 day cycle, 5 day cycle, 7 day cycle.

  67. Also..
    Maybe a mod that lets you go prone so you can hide more easily in bushes like during pvp. Possibly having it super steady your aim when prone and include the ability to crawl while prone would be amazing.

  68. Currency hider mod?

    Maybe something like when you find dukes it goes into a separate inventory that you can access but doesn’t get touched when you die? So you cant lose all your dukes but can also access your dukes while shopping at traders without taking up space in your inventory?

  69. It would be very useful to have those features in the feature (thanks in advance, you’re doing a great job):

    1. time limit after leaving a quest area instead of getting a failure message immediately

    2. number of bullets in the mag below the weapon icon in the toolbelt, in best case coloured, when fully loaded (like numbers turning green in RE3 Remake)

    3. a counter how many quest are done/left of a quest tier/before reaching the next one

    4. an indicator when hitting an enemy (crosshairs blinking red e. g.)

    5. pulling arrows out of enemies by walking over them/marking them with coloured outlines

    6. regulating the number of zombies spawning

    7. enemy replacer or options to balance them like you can do with the biomes (in percent, e. g. 3 % demolishers, 7 % cops and so on)

    8. placing several spikes in a row (if technically possible) in order to block enemies and cover base wall/trenches etc. easier

    9. switching mods from one item to another directly (e. g. bat to bat), no need to unequip it first anymore

    10. some kind of alarm clock as a throwable to drag enemies to/away from a place

    11. some kind of indicator which POIs already have been raided (maybe depending on if the master loot was touched or not)

    12. setting to optionally drop certain items automatically (e. g. when gained by harvesting dead animals), like rotten flesh, lead, seeds

  70. Could somone please make a proton pack and wand with a proton stream effect? Oh man, I would love to ghost bust some zombies LOL

  71. ok so i sat here thinking to myself the other day while playing…

    how about a mod where it makes the gas stations with garage workshop functional? functional as in the car lifts work,you can find tools,mod the car,gas up etc? i’ve explored this map a ton and there’s a garage in almost every town,why not make it come to life??

  72. Unsure if this has been done, but a full medieval overhaul. Great swords, bows, crossbows, longswords, maces, castles, forts, small villages etc etc. Id love a dark fantasy playthrough!

  73. Not sure if this has ever been visited before, but a clothing mod. Just a basic expansion mod. Nothing to serious or over the top, just some easy stuff like maybe a few different types of shirts, hats, dresses, skirts, high heels. Would make a major impact on how a youtube series looks lol.

  74. I know this mod makes no sense for most, but it would be nice to have a mod that incorporated some form of tool auto-repair. I was thinking that when your stamina bar is full and you are holding a repairable item, it will recover one durability per 50 stamina or so that would have been regenerated. It makes the nigh a little more active, and I don’t have to ration out repair kits at the beginning of the game.

  75. Has anyone made a Mod that reverses the power to powered doors, so they remain open, but will close automatically when a Zombie is detected. Also 1 that allows multiple power inputs eg: solar + generator to battery bank, Daisy chain 2 battery banks and generator to blade traps.
    I have looked but can’t seem to find anything, maybe I’m using the wrong search words.

  76. The ability to pay the Duke through a trader or other means and have the next horde day not happen to you. To avoid it being OP make it very expensive and have the Duke increase the amount immensely every time until it’s a ridiculous amount no player can afford. The idea being you’ll never pay him off because he’s a bad person and will just drain you of your money then end you once you cannot pay his insane price. This fits nicely with The Fun Pimps original plan with The Duke.

  77. I find it as a missed opportunity that the late-game goes into electricity, but only into more niche areas. Yes, traps and turrets are nice, but why am I still building a campfire inside my concrete mansion? Electric stove is the main thing, but like with workstations, only ones made by the player should work. But let’s not stop there, we have pipes, we have sinks.. so why not do plumbing? I saw sinks being used as dew collectors but that doesn’t make sense, why don’t we just link electricity with pipes, water and sinks? It sounds like a very fun late-game project, where one would have to make an electric pump and maybe a filtration machine and connect them to a sink. Most of the 3D models are there, only the mechanics would need to be added.

  78. “Anomalies” would be very nice ,like in stalker series, since the game already have fire , chemical ,and other damage types

  79. Re-skin Feral Wight back to its former glory, I cannot figure out how to do so it’s bugged me ever since they changed it lol.

  80. Hello. Please make a mod in which the color of the lamps can be changed. I like the turquoise color myself. Thank you.

  81. This feels like a strange treasure hunt at this point but I have been trying to track down a “One block crouch” mod which is MENTIONED in many popular mod descriptions but does not appear to exist even for an older version of the game. The closest I could find was a forum post from 2016 on the 7daystodie modding sub-forum. It explained using UABE to edit a value in an asset file but the file no longer seems to be present in current builds.

    In short: One Block Crouching would be lovely

  82. I don’t dislke the learn by looting, but i wish we still had the learn by doing (action skill). many overhaul mods have this feature and i would like to have it as a standalone mod

  83. I would love a mod that returns the empty jars and cans from eating and drinking like in previous versions.

    I dont mind most changes made to the game but it really breaks my immersion when you dont get these back. Once Iv eaten my canned dog food or or drunk my tea, I wouldnt throw away my glass jar or metal can after all!

    I searched the mods but cant see one for this specifically on its own, so apologies if I missed it.

  84. I’d like to request a craft-from-containers function that some other overhauls have, as a standalone mod. I tried looking for one but couldn’t find anything for A21.

  85. I would like a mod that disables the lightning effect in the game without having to disable storms, blood moon, etc. Light sensitivity is unfortunately a thing… and it’s causing issues. Having to disable EAC is not a problem.


  86. The weight system SubQuake had brought to Undead Leagacy,
    If someone could make a mod that just brought that weight system that’d be great,
    OR someone just help SubQuake with Undead legacy all together to be A21 compatible !

  87. I was wondering if you could do a relationship mods for those who are dating or married, and it aromatically shares request to them and for them they will both have to add each other in party/alies for a book to summon in their inventory of relationships such as, Friends, Dating, Married, or business partners. If they select friends then the setting are normal of 7 days to die for those two people, if dating both will have to go together in missions, marriage is where they can cancel the request, business partners can share the quest if they want too

  88. Hello, I want a request of a mod of “No Crosshair Mod” in Alpha 21 for realistic, and immersion when fighting zombies without crosshairs. Every time you aiming down the sights with your weapon such as Iron Sights, Red Dot Sights, or Scopes for sniping. The Crosshairs are always be appeared when aiming.

    And it’s also better for the Laser Sight Weapon Attachments when firing from the hip. Unfortunately, 7 Days to Die does not have a feature for allowing to turn off crosshairs from the options menu.

    If you do that for the Mod Idea, I appreciate it. Thank you!

  89. I think a mod for auto turn off workstations, like campfires, when there is nothing more to do, will be a good addition to the game.

  90. Would love a stand-alone modlet for picking up & placing lights/lanterns. Whether they work or not when placed by the character depends on their status when picked up. They should also be able to be turned on/off.
    I have seen this working in overhaul mods.
    Having the modlet allows ‘young/new’ modders the opportunity to see the code.

  91. Mod request

    The Skill books system annoying for multiplayer, let’s be real. I have an idea that should solve a lot of the issues.

    Kind of like the kill share option. If we had an option of “book skill share when read” for our servers with the same distance variables as the kill share(100m-10km).

    I think this could solve a lot of players issues with learn by looting when playing with friends.

  92. First of all, thank you to you legends for making this game awesome. Please may someone fix the scopes and that awful black screen crosshair. There’s a fox for A20 but not A21. It makes the scopes realistic and also be sure to take the crosshair away when ads. Tbh, there should be a setting to remove the crosshair entirely. Idc about the fact that the sights don’t line up, this is zombie apocalypse, why would they line up?😂

  93. I was looking for a “lives remaining” before character reset. With the new “death reset” in A21, I’ve wanted a mod that puts the fear of dying into my server, that way they don’t get a bit too arrogant later game stages

  94. Can someone please add the lickers from the resident evil universe into the game at least adding the model but maybe also adding a tongue whip attack and a grapple attack.

  95. Por favor, podrían lanzar un mod el cual pueda verse un minimapa en alguna esquina de la pantalla? Es decir que se agregué al HUD, sería super útil ver a donde te diriges sin tener que apretar la “M”. Gracias.

  96. hello, I would like someone to make a mod that would add much prettier colors to the brush :/ because I find that it doesn’t have enough choice and plain and smooth color :/ I can’t find it way to add more myself, thanks in advance to whoever will do it 🙂

  97. bonjour, j’aimerai bien que quelle qu’un fasse un mods qui rajouterais des couleur beaucoup plus joli pour le pinceau 🙂 car je trouve qu’il a pas assez de choix et de couleur uni et lisse :/ est je ne trouve pas le moyen d’en rajouter moi même merci d’avance a celui qui le feras 🙂

  98. Is it possible for someone to make a mod that remove the lightning from Horde Night? I can already keep the weather tamed but the lightning is always there for Horde night and I would like a mod that removes that so that my wife who is photo sensitive can play with me.

  99. Would it be possible to have a mod where when traveling in a vehicle, the is an overlay of the world map, with some transparency so you can seeing where you are going without having to stop and pull out the map.

  100. Can someone make a mod where you can grow plants under ground? Maybe have grow lights or/and make greenhouses to grow crops faster. I have been trying to make an underground farm and there seems to be no mods that can do underground farming. Even having a more complex farming where you would have to water the crops with pipes and sprinklers and a water source. Please someone make something like this. 🙂

  101. I searched on here so if I missed it I am sorry, but I want a mod that can change the number of imputs on power items like battery packs and generator and the like. so I can hook multipul solar panels to one battery pack, and then wire it into my base and things of that nature.

    1. Hi, I wanted to ask if it is possible to make a mod in Total War Empire that changes the flag of Prussia to the flag of the German Empire and if possible it will look like this: black, white, red and an eagle in the middle. And if it is also possible to change that it was registered instead of Prussia, the German Empire. Thank you and Have a nice day

  102. there is a mod inside darkness falls called 1-CustomGameOptions and one of the settings removes all crosshairs even the ones with tools. i am a less than average modder and cant figure out how to port it or make a similar effect or see how the mod does what it does. so if anyone can help or tell me what i need to do to get it to work it would make me very happy

  103. I would like to use one of the trailers to make a mobile crafting shop to be pulled by the 4×4 maybe. If thats not possible, maybe use a school bus or something like it so i can carry my workshop to a big town or city and work doing missions for the trader closeby. Id also like to be able to park it in pass and gas or firestations, anywhere it would fit. I may also like to build several concrete structures just a rectangle that the vehicle would fit in to keep it safe and away from a horde night fighting platform. Being able to carry workbenches in inventory might work as an alternative but Youd have to make a new one everytime and that would be inconvenient. i do carry a cookpot and grill in my inventory almost always as i get overloaded and sometimes it helps to get rid of extra stuff by making teas and such., but it does take up 2 slots. Some buildings are huge and I loot like crazy, sometimes storage boxes out front of the building are not enough, not to mention when i mark where they are, my map becomes a mess. The 4×4 does help but often i fill that up plus a storage box.having quick access to benches would allow me to use the junk to immediately build something useful.

    1. Good idea. A moving base would be great. This game really needs a truck with a trailer. ETS2/ATS trucks and trailers are ready for modders. I don’t know if it’s technically possible, but if it can be transferred to the 7 Days world, I’m sure it will be one of the most popular mods.

  104. Hi I would like to request A mod that gets rid of special zombies and zombie animals and snakes by replacing them with army zombies but would like to keep the screamers, but I would like to have them work with the wandering horde and dangerous cities mods

  105. OK done the search and i know people say its impossible to alter aim cross hairs but I’m old and half the time i cant even tell where on the screen it is.

    So can anyone put a circle around the centre of view
    one that can be colour adjusted or just a high contrast black/white/black
    or an adjusted helmet light with reduced spread and colour adjustment

  106. Hi there so I have a somewhat simple to understand mod request but probably not so simple to get working. I would like a mod that makes it ALWAYS horde night. And I do mean ALWAYS all 24 hours in the day are horde night. If that is not possible then I would like a mod that makes sure there is ALWAYS at least 1 zombie constantly chasing after the player. Basically I want to set it up so everyone on my server is always being hunted by their own zombie.

    The later option would be preferable so that we could still have normal horde nights in addition to the constantly being hunted by a zombie.

    1. This would be really cool,
      Make a badass base an just last as long as you can against an endless horde,
      If your trying for really long horde nights I’d suggest when it gets to horde night make the days last for 300 minutes,
      I play like that 24/7 an it’s pretty fun.
      Also have the trader open 24/7 since the nights are extremely long.

    2. Return of the behemoth is a great addition to horde nights also…
      Really changes how you make your horde base.

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