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7 days to die mod requests

We’ve received many questions about a request page. Here is the Mod Requests page that will easily bring modders and players together.

You can write your requests to the mod authors via comments.

The mod you want may have been published before. Therefore, before writing your mod request, please use the search bar on our site.

Also, you can easily publish your mods on our site using the Submit a Mod form.

We hope this page will be very useful for the community. Enjoy!

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35 thoughts on “Mod Requests

  1. Mod request

    The Skill books system annoying for multiplayer, let’s be real. I have an idea that should solve a lot of the issues.

    Kind of like the kill share option. If we had an option of “book skill share when read” for our servers with the same distance variables as the kill share(100m-10km).

    I think this could solve a lot of players issues with learn by looting when playing with friends.

  2. First of all, thank you to you legends for making this game awesome. Please may someone fix the scopes and that awful black screen crosshair. There’s a fox for A20 but not A21. It makes the scopes realistic and also be sure to take the crosshair away when ads. Tbh, there should be a setting to remove the crosshair entirely. Idc about the fact that the sights don’t line up, this is zombie apocalypse, why would they line up?😂

  3. I was looking for a “lives remaining” before character reset. With the new “death reset” in A21, I’ve wanted a mod that puts the fear of dying into my server, that way they don’t get a bit too arrogant later game stages

  4. Can someone please add the lickers from the resident evil universe into the game at least adding the model but maybe also adding a tongue whip attack and a grapple attack.

  5. Por favor, podrían lanzar un mod el cual pueda verse un minimapa en alguna esquina de la pantalla? Es decir que se agregué al HUD, sería super útil ver a donde te diriges sin tener que apretar la “M”. Gracias.

  6. hello, I would like someone to make a mod that would add much prettier colors to the brush :/ because I find that it doesn’t have enough choice and plain and smooth color :/ I can’t find it way to add more myself, thanks in advance to whoever will do it 🙂

  7. bonjour, j’aimerai bien que quelle qu’un fasse un mods qui rajouterais des couleur beaucoup plus joli pour le pinceau 🙂 car je trouve qu’il a pas assez de choix et de couleur uni et lisse :/ est je ne trouve pas le moyen d’en rajouter moi même merci d’avance a celui qui le feras 🙂

  8. Is it possible for someone to make a mod that remove the lightning from Horde Night? I can already keep the weather tamed but the lightning is always there for Horde night and I would like a mod that removes that so that my wife who is photo sensitive can play with me.

  9. Would it be possible to have a mod where when traveling in a vehicle, the is an overlay of the world map, with some transparency so you can seeing where you are going without having to stop and pull out the map.

  10. Can someone make a mod where you can grow plants under ground? Maybe have grow lights or/and make greenhouses to grow crops faster. I have been trying to make an underground farm and there seems to be no mods that can do underground farming. Even having a more complex farming where you would have to water the crops with pipes and sprinklers and a water source. Please someone make something like this. 🙂

  11. I searched on here so if I missed it I am sorry, but I want a mod that can change the number of imputs on power items like battery packs and generator and the like. so I can hook multipul solar panels to one battery pack, and then wire it into my base and things of that nature.

    1. Hi, I wanted to ask if it is possible to make a mod in Total War Empire that changes the flag of Prussia to the flag of the German Empire and if possible it will look like this: black, white, red and an eagle in the middle. And if it is also possible to change that it was registered instead of Prussia, the German Empire. Thank you and Have a nice day

  12. there is a mod inside darkness falls called 1-CustomGameOptions and one of the settings removes all crosshairs even the ones with tools. i am a less than average modder and cant figure out how to port it or make a similar effect or see how the mod does what it does. so if anyone can help or tell me what i need to do to get it to work it would make me very happy

  13. I would like to use one of the trailers to make a mobile crafting shop to be pulled by the 4×4 maybe. If thats not possible, maybe use a school bus or something like it so i can carry my workshop to a big town or city and work doing missions for the trader closeby. Id also like to be able to park it in pass and gas or firestations, anywhere it would fit. I may also like to build several concrete structures just a rectangle that the vehicle would fit in to keep it safe and away from a horde night fighting platform. Being able to carry workbenches in inventory might work as an alternative but Youd have to make a new one everytime and that would be inconvenient. i do carry a cookpot and grill in my inventory almost always as i get overloaded and sometimes it helps to get rid of extra stuff by making teas and such., but it does take up 2 slots. Some buildings are huge and I loot like crazy, sometimes storage boxes out front of the building are not enough, not to mention when i mark where they are, my map becomes a mess. The 4×4 does help but often i fill that up plus a storage box.having quick access to benches would allow me to use the junk to immediately build something useful.

    1. Good idea. A moving base would be great. This game really needs a truck with a trailer. ETS2/ATS trucks and trailers are ready for modders. I don’t know if it’s technically possible, but if it can be transferred to the 7 Days world, I’m sure it will be one of the most popular mods.

  14. Hi I would like to request A mod that gets rid of special zombies and zombie animals and snakes by replacing them with army zombies but would like to keep the screamers, but I would like to have them work with the wandering horde and dangerous cities mods

  15. OK done the search and i know people say its impossible to alter aim cross hairs but I’m old and half the time i cant even tell where on the screen it is.

    So can anyone put a circle around the centre of view
    one that can be colour adjusted or just a high contrast black/white/black
    or an adjusted helmet light with reduced spread and colour adjustment

  16. Hi there so I have a somewhat simple to understand mod request but probably not so simple to get working. I would like a mod that makes it ALWAYS horde night. And I do mean ALWAYS all 24 hours in the day are horde night. If that is not possible then I would like a mod that makes sure there is ALWAYS at least 1 zombie constantly chasing after the player. Basically I want to set it up so everyone on my server is always being hunted by their own zombie.

    The later option would be preferable so that we could still have normal horde nights in addition to the constantly being hunted by a zombie.

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