Box Truck Mod

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This mod comes in 2 versions: a plain truck and then a Hostess version. So you’ll always have Twinkies on hand during the apocalypse!


  • Has it’s own recipe, using 4×4 parts. So, obviously unlocking the 4×4 Truck is required to craft this.
  • Each truck takes: 6 Wheels, 2 engines, 2 batteries, 4×4 chassis, and 4×4 accessories.
  • Has high amount of storage, and holds a lot of gas. It isn’t very fast, turns kinda slow and burns gas faster than a 4×4.

Bdubyah thanks to DUST2DEATH for helping him in this work.


  • (new) Fixed missing progression unlocks for Box Truck parts.
  • Recipe fix.
  • Added new engine/horn sounds.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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One thought on “Box Truck Mod

  1. Not sure where to look or if you have already answered this question, but is this mod able to work in Darkness Falls?

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