Dangerous Cities

7 days to die dangerous cities, 7 days to die biomes, 7 days to die zombies

Increases the amount of zombies in cities and towns, while lowering the amount in the wilderness.

XML Only Mod (can be installed on servers with no client download).


Updated for A21.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (8 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (8 KB)

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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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4 thoughts on “Dangerous Cities

  1. I think you might have gone further than needed or is plausible in removing all humans from the wilderness. Outdoorsmen aren’t uncommon in Arizona, you have a lot of people who prefer remote rural and off-the-grid living — naturalists, survivalists, not to mention quite a lot of geologists are drawn to the deserts there. Though I prefer the excitement of the city, and appreciate regular encounters with wild and zombie predators outside it, there really ought to be some random zombies outside POI.

  2. This is just some kind of “tin”, I came on a quest to the “burned out forest” went into the building in search of a package … I killed about 100 zombies in 5 minutes and they continued to “spawn endlessly !!!”

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