Plebs Knife Rework

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Does using a knife feel like a cheap rip-off of the other weapons, but not as powerful? I agree. Does the bleed mechanic feel gimmicky and lame? Not anymore.

This mod makes a few changes to make the knife stand-out among it’s impressive peers. First off, the bleed now makes a difference. The cap for bleed stacks has been increased dramatically, scaling with level of Deep Cuts. This vastly increases damage over time. To balance the scales, sexrex has been moved from DeepCuts, to scale with the knives themselves (The higher the quality, the less the stamina usage.) DeepCuts will no longer increase base damage of the knives, as they get plenty of damage from bleed now. Lastly, base stamina cost/swing has been changed. The lower the tier of weapon(boneknife to machete,) the higher the base cost. As it turns out, stabbing deep into a sack of blood requires lots of energy. But the trade off is more damage.

TLDR; Bleed kicks ass, but the time to kill reflects the nature of bleed.

*Localization updated*



Credits: GodTierPleb

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