Camp Yellowstone

7 days to die camp yellowstone, 7 days to die prefab

New POI for 7 Days to Die Alpha 21. This adds a new POI (Military/survivor camp) to the game. There are a few surprises and a hidden loot room (see if you can find it)

This POI also has flashing lights, if you have Epilepsy this may not be for you but I could remove these at your request. I would love some feedback so let me know if you have any issues or think something could be changed.


Just unpack to your POI folder and create a new world.

Happy hunting!


Credits: Mikemr2

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6 thoughts on “Camp Yellowstone

    1. lol ok spoiler alert

      you get access from the morgue/furnace area – there is a valve hidden behind a panel in the room with the flashing lights around the water cooler area

  1. This is just great, have not found the hidden room yet. Thank you for doing this and let us all know when you do another one.

    LOL this building is a 3 day job to clear only half of it,,love it

    1. Awesome! Really happy you’re enjoying the POI. You should find that it is setup for all possible job combinations including infestation and does boast a lot of usable loot and salvage. the hidden loot room is hard to find but let me know if you are struggling and ill give you a few pointers.

      I am currently working on another, a traders compound but have ideas for a few others, these should release soon.

      Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

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