Camp Yellowstone

7 days to die camp yellowstone, 7 days to die prefab

New POI for 7 Days to Die Alpha 21. This adds a new POI (Military/survivor camp) to the game. There are a few surprises and a hidden loot room (see if you can find it)

This POI also has flashing lights, if you have Epilepsy this may not be for you but I could remove these at your request. I would love some feedback so let me know if you have any issues or think something could be changed.


Just unpack to your POI folder and create a new world.

Happy hunting!


Credits: Mikemr2

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12 thoughts on “Camp Yellowstone

  1. Just discovered this poi in the ‘hidden lights’ map. this was amazing, so much attention to detail in the aesthetics and layout. placement of lights really added to the ambience of each section. The trap room was a great surprise, definitely something for a fully kitted player. also the zombie spawns felt challenging but fair (No absurdly high swarms of radiated, like those seen in the final levels of dishong, higashi or ostrich hotel).

  2. Hello!

    Just visited this POI as part of the Wasteland mod. This is a great POI, with great attention to detail and wonderful secrets to discover.

    Sadly, one trap in the underground area almost ruined the whole experience for me. I’m talking about the cop/bikers ambush, when the gates are closing down and lights begin flashing. I’m sorry for saying this, but it has to be one of the worst designed traps I’ve ever encountered in custom POIs. The player is forced to fight an enourmous group of high tear zombies in a limited space, with almost no place to cover. It was my first death by zombies in a very long time, only because the trap was so unbalanced. The POI was very easy before that part, and that trap was a huge spike in difficulty.

    I’m an expirienced 7 Days to Die player, and I can guarantee, 99% of players will die on this part. Only because the game mechanics aren’t suited for this kind of gameplay. I had good weapons with me, fully loaded, and still was cornered by zombies in the nearby lab, and reloading was too slow to save me. Love the POI, but this part was absolutely ridicolous, and is almost impossible to go through without knowing about it beforehand. Trial-and-Error gameplay isn’t fun and is a sign of a poor design.

    1. hey, thanks for the great review. the trap you speak about was designed to throw a massive ouch moment throwing enemies at you from all sides while removing the ability to simply escape. the poi is designed for late game and scale with game stage, but i will take a look, maybe i have slightly too many spawning at once.

      the poi was designed in such a way that you couldnt just blow the back doors or pop a few blocks to score easy loot, no matter which way you entered you had to face off against a good amount of zombies to reach the main loot room.

      like i said, i will take another look because the poi is designed to be fun and challenging while providing enough loot and resources to really make you think about what you want to keep and what you should throw away or scrap. again i appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    2. Hahaha! Yeah, that trap almost got me too the first time through. Good thing I had my brown trousers on! Definitely a hard poi but I love it. I just keep it in my poi folder so any map/overhaul that allows it, it will be there to torture me and my friends.

  3. I’m noob. If I install this with a Map mod, will it exist since the map is premade? Is it only for randomly generated maps?

    1. lol ok spoiler alert

      you get access from the morgue/furnace area – there is a valve hidden behind a panel in the room with the flashing lights around the water cooler area

  4. This is just great, have not found the hidden room yet. Thank you for doing this and let us all know when you do another one.

    LOL this building is a 3 day job to clear only half of it,,love it

    1. Awesome! Really happy you’re enjoying the POI. You should find that it is setup for all possible job combinations including infestation and does boast a lot of usable loot and salvage. the hidden loot room is hard to find but let me know if you are struggling and ill give you a few pointers.

      I am currently working on another, a traders compound but have ideas for a few others, these should release soon.

      Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

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