High Level Perks

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The maximum character level is increased from 300 to 500. All attributes have been increased from 10 to 13 levels, and most perks have been given 1 to 3 new levels with fun and powerful new bonuses. Run faster, hit harder, be stealthier, and learn new recipes.

WARNING: The High Level Perks mod is experimental and unbalanced. It is merely for purposes of pushing the limits of what could be done in the game. Dhlmaster cannot at this time recommend it for anyone trying to run a serious game. He is collecting a lot of feedback and will be trying to develop a better version of the mod sometime after alpha 20 is released. He apologize for not making this more clear when he initially published the mod.

This mod works on servers with no client side installation necessary, or on single player games.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dhlmaster

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9 thoughts on “High Level Perks

  1. This mod works great however, I have only one issue… The sprint speed after fully upgrading all the perks is way too fast.. Sprinting doesnt use stamina at all and I can literally outrun every vehicle I own now and well, just wondering if there is a way to edit the sprint speed? Id like to lower it about 40%, oh and I also noticed that my weapons are degrading much faster with all the respective perk trees filled out. You empty a magazine and youve taken 1/10th of the guns damage already which seems like your guns will break after only a few magazine cycles. Is there a way to fix the degradation speed as well?

    1. Unfortunately, this issue is due to some mod authors still using http sourced download system. The Chrome browser blocks such downloads.

    2. So if you use chrome and just remove the http//
      and put this without the quotations you can download it 🙂 “imadeyoursite.com/7days/BModHighLevelPerks.zip”

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