H7SB Sleeping

7 days to die h7sb sleeping

This server side mod adds 3 functional beds and a new fatigue system. 3 Gravestones are now used to set spawn points. For more information have a look at the ingame diary.

When downloading, make sure to pull the folder that contains a modinfo.xml into your mods folder and not the master!

Copyrights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

  • You are allowed to use this mod for your private use (singleplayer/multiplayer/server).
  • You are allowed to use this mod as part of your custom modpack (as separated mod).
  • You are not allow to reupload it without permission!
  • You are not allow to charge money for it!
  • You are not allow to copy over hole parts of it for your own Mod and release it under your name.
  • Of cause your allow to take inspiration to improve your existing code!


If you appreciate Eihwaz’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Eihwaz

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4 thoughts on “H7SB Sleeping

  1. I want to add a HUD element to see the fatigue level outside the character menu. I have the XML element set up, but I am not good at XML, and I cant find what to put in it to display the fatigue level.
    Specifically this field is what I need to change. Currently it displays the player’s elevation:

    What would I need to enter into it to access the fatigue variable?

  2. Added your mod to my server and it reset characters to level 1 – did not know what did it until after I painfully sat hours resetting all the players. Upon removal of your mod, the character levels were again set to level 1. Tested this on dedicated and the same thing happened.

  3. How about WARNING people when they are going to lose all their stats from Day 1, thanks a lot. going to let people know this is not the mod if you don’t want to lose your stuff

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