DBock’s Police APC

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DBock is back at it again bringing you a new vehicle to patrol around in while the apocalypse continues.

This time it is a fully decked out Police APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). This thing is the real deal with the working red and blue lights along with its own siren.

The Police APC is made using the workbench and the parts to make it unlock with level 4 of the Grease Monkey Perk.

It is possible to loot the parts to make it, so keep an eye out. The traders could also sell the parts for it or better yet, sell the vehicle in general.

Note: This mod needs to be installed on both the server and client computers.

I appreciate all feedback, good or bad, please leave a comment or dm me in discord: DBock#6048


Credits: DBock

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7 thoughts on “DBock’s Police APC

  1. Working well in 20.6 Would be cool to have a separate toggle for the red/blue flashing lights. It’s annoying at night when you just want the headlights.

  2. A good looking vehicle. Love the details for sure.

    One question, I can get the siren to work via Honk Horn but the lights do not flash once I have placed it on the ground. Is there a certain command I need to be using please?

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