More Cooked Foods

7 days to die more cooked foods, 7 days to die food

This mod adds a wide variety of cooked foods to the game. Everything in this mod is made from vanilla game items! Required in both Dedicated Server and Player’s mods folder to work properly (if not doing a dedi-server, just the Player’s mods folder)

All items in this mod have a (MOD) next to the name. This is for easier searching, etc.


Added no (MOD) prefix version.

Download More Cooked Foods
Download No (MOD) Prefix Version

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gopher

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15 thoughts on “More Cooked Foods

  1. Mod Creator here. I would just like to point out that more foods are going to be added to the mod eventually, so stay tuned to my modlets forum post in the 7DTD Forums!

    1. All of the modded food is invisible. I can only see the number of how many I have on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, meaning, I can see how many lettuce I have. I can use the items, I can make the items, but I can’t see the item nor can I see what ingredients I need to make the food. The icons do not show up in my bag or in the campfire. Other than that I think the mod is great. I do wish in the future you would make it so that certain items can be turned into seeds, thanks again. Please let me know how this invisafood can be fixed.

        1. Ok well I thought I left a reply. Did you want the path I took instead? I know I chose the correct mod folder because I’ve installed mods before and they worked just fine where they were. Should I only put this into the server mod folder? I put it in both the server and the client last time.

          1. The mod needs to be in both the Client and Server’s mod folder. I’m not sure why the icons are not showing up. Is there a UIAtlases folder inside the mod folder?

    1. The mod is good but recipes are missing, such as the one for the dough and other recipes that are incomplete with items because there are other items that do not have a recipe, I’ll see if I can repair some commands

  2. Shedding a little light on the icons not working: they work on my PC but not on my cousins. When I go into the UIAtlases folder on my PC, the previews show up in windows explorer, but on cousin’s UIAtlases the previews don’t show. Also on his laptop windows photo viewer can’t even open it because “file type ‘png’ is not supported” but other png’s work. Are the icons made PNG from scratch or were they converted? It might be some weird compatibility issue. I dunno

    1. Okay we narrowed it down: It’s a RAM issue. Both laptop’s only had 8GB total, but in the resource monitor only had 4GB available, which was all being used by other systems.

  3. i really like the concept of this mod, but it just makes hunger/thirst too manageable when you can punch any ole patch of grass and get watermelons, broccoli, strawberries, and lettuce in one fell swoop. is uninstalling as simple as removing the mod or do i need to restart the world? (am playing on a server with friends)

  4. We installed this mod on our server and all the stats for the foods are 0. Is something wrong or is this a clitch. Thank you.

  5. Hey there. I would like to note that punching grass to get strawberries, brocolli, watermelons, etc. is a bit OP and unbalanced.

    These ingredients should be harder to acquire than punching grass.

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