Dishong Tower Challenge

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This is the 7 Days to Die challenge mod MidnightDesigner use when playing the Dishong Tower Challenge on Twitch and YouTube. He made it with Sphereii and Pitchsilent.

The mod makes the following changes to the vanilla game:

  • Coal recipe = 1 coal from 5 wood in campfire
  • Farming plot recipe = 4 wood, 5 flesh, 5 nitrate, 100 clay
  • Food seed can be crafted from one food item, not gated by skill
  • Paper money can be converted into coins by crafting
  • Stone arrows can be converted back to feathers by crafting
  • Glue recipe = 4 bones with campfire, 2 bones with chemistry station
  • Headlights wrenched from spotlights
  • 25% chance of battery from spotlights
  • 6 Plant fibers and clay from digging potted plants
  • 10% chance of getting tree seed from digging potted plants
  • 30 Plant fibers from trees
  • Engine from wrenching AC unit
  • 25% chance of headlight from Work Light
  • 10% chance of battery from Work Light
  • Increased chance for nitrate in garbage loot containers
  • Fat Hawaiian, Moe, and Female Fat zombies can be harvested for rotten flesh and bones

Also this mod creates a game world called “Dishong Tower Challenge” which spawns you directly in front of the tower with a stone axe, mining helmet, and helmet light. The tower is the only building in the world, which is otherwise surrounded by wasteland.

The rules of the Dishong Tower Challenge as they observe them:

  • You must enter the Dishong Tower immediately (being on the front porch counts as being in) and cannot leave thereafter.
  • You may build bridges off the side of the building to reach things, but those bridges must support themselves and cannot touch the ground.
  • You may not mine or dig under the building.
  • All default game settings, unless you want to turn up the size of the hordes
  • If you die, the game is over.
  • You must survive until you are able to build a gyrocopter and fly off the roof.

MidnightDesigner created a YouTube video that describes why they made each of the changes they did and explains how to install the mod either directly or using the launcher:


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: MidnightDesigner, SphereII, Pitchsilent

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