Black Wolf’s Better Vanilla Ground Vehicles

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This mod significantly improves ALL ground vehicles

It makes them a lot less slippery to help taking corners more aggressively without fear of spinning out

It significantly reduces the weird unnatural left and right wobble motorcycles and bycicles get when turning

It makes them faster for an overall more enjoyable experience

You can now also enjoy drifting with them while you listen to your favorite Eurobeat tracks! Don’t stop the music tonight! Let it be a NIGHT OF FIRE!


If you appreciate Black Wolf’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Black Wolf

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2 thoughts on “Black Wolf’s Better Vanilla Ground Vehicles

  1. Thank you for the mod as it is a much needed change with all the terrible handling and sliding with vanilla vehicles lol. I had 2 questions: Is the mod compatible with A21.2 and do these changes include BDUB’s vehicles like the Heli and Planes improvement pack?

    1. No, this is just for vanilla vehicles. I don’t have any permission to modify Bdubyah’s ground vehicles, only his helicopters and planes.

      Yes, it is compatible with A21 but you need to edit the line in the items.xml file

      change it to “vehicleTruck4x4” to “vehicle4x4Truck” to make it compatible with A21

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