Stay Clear (No Sleeper Respawn)

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This is an updated version of ExtremeLurker’s mod that disables sleeper respawning. He has never liked the way you can’t clear out buildings, as it reduces the effect that you can have on the world. He doesn’t get as much sense of progression if he can’t see what he has cleared out, and he find it really fun to slowly clear out entire towns over time. He find it unrealistic how zombies will just entirely fill up a building that you’ve completely cleared if you leave it alone for some time, as if they’re more concerned with finding shelter than they are with finding fresh meat.

He has created this image to sum up how it feels to him playing the game without his mod:

7 days to die stay clear (no sleeper respawn) additional screenshot


With A20 comes updates to the way C# mods can be made, and so it was important to him to create a version of this mod that’s up to date with the new system. With that being said, DMT is no longer required in order to use this mod.

Also new to A20 is that sleeper respawn time is tied to loot respawn time. However, if loot respawn is disabled, sleeper respawn is set to a default of 30 days, meaning this mod is still required to fully disable sleeper respawning.

As with all C# mods, EAC must be disabled in order to use the mod.

If you wish to restore sleeper respawning after using this mod, just remove the mod and sleepers will start to respawn once again after several days, as they did before.


To install the mod, simply download the latest version and unzip it into its own folder within your Mods directory within the game’s install directory, then run the game with Easy Anti-Cheat disabled.


If you appreciate ExtremeLurker’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ExtremeLurker

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3 thoughts on “Stay Clear (No Sleeper Respawn)

  1. No longer seems to work in A20.5… but for those that didn’t know… you can use this command for bedrolls, that after you clear all the sleepers (Won’t work for zombies that are casually wandering about, or wandering hordes)… will prevent all sleepers from respawning… Also note you have to do this every time you restart the game… Here’s the command:

    setgamepref BedrollDeadZoneSize 50 <Or whatever number you want, I make mine 150, because if you take over a huge POI (Especially from Compo Pack or overhaul mods) it will guarantee you will never see a sleeper again once you them all.

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